Why do Narcissists cheat on their relationship partners

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Not all Narcissists are cheaters

First of all to be fair i have to say that not all Narcissists cheat. Just like any other human behaviour Cheating in a relationship is a complex behaviour that is governed by so many factors and not just one factor.

Yes of course the psychological makeup of Narcissists might increase the likelihood of cheating but this doesn't mean that all Narcissists are cheaters.

So why do Narcissists cheat?

If you have been reading about Narcissists for some time then probably you already realized that Narcissists long for the Narcissistic supply or the approval they get from fans and admirers.

So if a Narcissist got into a relationship with someone and then they felt like they need approval then there is a big chance that they will try to attract others to them in order to gain the self esteem boost they always look for.

Now in such a case and depending on the ethics of the Narcissist this might or might not lead to cheating.

They think they can replace you easily

In another article about Narcissism with the title Why do Narcissists abuse the ones they love i said that one of the biggest problems with Narcissists is that they always believe that they can attract better people to them.

Based on that belief a relationship with a Narcissist can become anything but stable for the Narcissist might decide to seek someone else as soon as any problem happen with their relationship. In my article Why tinder relationships don't work i said that when a person believes that they can replace their lover extremely easily then they are very less likely to tolerate relationship dissatisfaction.

In other words because the Narcissist might believe that they can replace you very easily they might decide to cheat on you as soon as you make them unhappy.

They think you deserve to be punished

Because Narcissists have a very big ego their desire for revenge is always very high. When the ego of the Narcissist gets hurt they might do anything to make the person who hurt them pay for it.

If the Narcissist believed you are not treating them properly ,according to their extremely high standards, then they might think of seeking revenge against you.

In such a case the revenge can happen in the form of cheating. See Why are narcissists so dangerous & 7 reasons cheating feels so good

Narcissists are alluring

We humans are greatly controlled by our own emotions. If we do not have very high ethical values then we might end up cheating if we found a great opportunity.

Narcissists are usually very attractive and alluring. They master the art of impressing people and making them admire them. This alone can make a Narcissist very likely to cheat if they don't have real good ethics for they might get so many good opportunities. See also Why narcissists look so good and young.

In brief Narcissists are not cheaters by nature but their life style, behaviour and personality can make the chance of cheating a bit higher than it is with normal people.

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