Why narcissists look so good and young

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your self concept affects your life

In my previous article Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive i said that the personality traits Narcissists advertise such as over confidence, arrogance & and other traits makes them very attractive to women.

But this article will be different because it discusses physical looks and not personality traits.
In this article i will explain why Narcissists usually look physically attractive, physically fit and even much younger than their age.

To understand why many Narcissists look like that you have to know how a self concept of a person affects their looks. The self concept,in simple words, is the way you see yourself.

Once you develop a certain belief about yourself you will strive to make that belief come true without realizing. In my previous article Are blondes really dumb i explained how many blondes end up getting bad marks in math just because they unconsciously try to proof the stereotype that says that they are dumb.

Once you believe that you are something you will be creating a self fulfilling prophecy that will ultimately force you to become who you believed you are.

In my previous article How your name affects your looks i said that even your name might act like a self fulfilling prophecy that you end up fulfilling.

In short, once you develop a strong belief about yourself ,or a self concept, you will do your best to keep up to this self concept and to prove it right.

Why narcissists look so good and young

The Dorian grey effect is a psychological term that describes how a person who thinks highly of themselves will do their best to look good as well.

We all know that Narcissists are extremely arrogant and full of pride. A typical Narcissist thinks that they are above all other humans and that they deserve to be better than them. See What causes feelings of entitlement.

Because Narcissists think highly of themselves they believe they deserve to look good as well. This strong desire combined with their own self concept of superiority motivates Narcissists to do their best to look really good. See also Signs of narcissism - how to spot a narcissist.

A typical Narcissist will try to get a fit body, great looking clothes and even a young face.
It's not abnormal for a Narcissist to seek plastic surgery to make themselves look younger and more beautiful.

It's that strong feeling inside the Narcissist that they must look great that motivates them to do all this.
People who have low self esteem on the other hand might simply let themselves go just to prove the self concepts they have about themselves.

Some women let themselves go after marriage simply because their self concept changes.

For the Narcissist it's the total opposite. The Narcissist will always want to look sharp, healthy, young, beautiful and charming.

Narcissists master the art of beauty

The skills that we develop in life usually come from our desire to achieve some very important goals that we have. People thus develop certain skills in order to help themselves meet some of their very important needs.

The reason i developed the skill to understand people is that i had serious self understanding problems in the past. Yes this is considered some kind of healthy compensation that we all go through when we get stuck.

Because Narcissists feel like looking good, mostly because they think they deserve it, they simply master the art of beauty. Narcissists learn how to pick the perfect clothes, how to use the right body language and how to do every possible thing that makes them look attractive to others.

This is why most of them end up looking truly attractive.

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