Why so many entrepreneurs get divorced

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of Entrepreneurs

Before we can analyze the relationship life of Entrepreneurs we should first get a basic idea about the psychology of an Entrepreneur. An typical Entrepreneur is usually an ambitious person who doesn't like to play the game with the current rules. See How to be ambitious.

While a typical person might be happy with a good job a typical entrepreneur will want more success, money, freedom or even everything combined. An entrepreneur doesn't start a business because he feels like it but he does that because he has a burning desire to achieve some life-or-death goals.

In my previous article Why so many entrepreneurs get depressed i said that many entrepreneurs get depressed because their desire to become successful isn't a mere wish but it's a burning desire that must be satisfied for them to be happy.

I am pretty sure you can now guess the types of problems that could arise when such a person gets into a relationship.

Why so many Entrepreneurs get divorced

All the previous traits described are actually universal good traits. So if that's the case then why does problems happen when entrepreneurs get married?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • 1) The business comes first: As i said earlier success for an Entrepreneur is a life or death matter. No single Entrepreneur will be willing to risk the future of his business no matter what happens. This is why many conflicts can happen between an Entrepreneur and his wife
  • 2) Limited free time: A typical Entrepreneur will have a limited amount of free time. If a woman interpreted this as a sign of lack of love then divorce will be highly likely. See Why not having time for you doesn't mean he doesn't love you
  • 3) Some Entrepreneurs can't take more responsibility: if you have seen the movie 'Jobs' i am pretty sure you will get what i mean. Steve Jobs was too focused on his future that he hated it when he knew that his girlfriend was pregnant. While most parents like to have children many Entrepreneurs see them as a distraction and so this way of thinking can create serious conflicts in relationships
  • 4) Living a very stressful life: Entrepreneurs hardly live a peaceful life. The fact that they are always stressed and pressured can make it hard for someone to stay calm around them. Some Entrepreneurs might become angry, aggressive or even hateful when things get so wrong. See Why multitasking always leads to stress
  • 5) Lack of stability: A typical Entrepreneur won't be looking for stability but instead he would be looking for great achievements that would require sacrificing stability for sometime. Many people can hardly live without a financially stable life. This could lead to fights between the Entrepreneur and his wife about the worthiness of a business and according to the psychology of an Entrepreneur the business is a red line

How can this divorce be avoided

Keeping the relationship going is the responsibility of both the man and woman. While people are more likely to blame the Entrepreneur for his extreme habits still the fact that the woman wanted an ambitious man must motivate her to become more understanding of the costs that come with that. See Why are some people so ambitious.

If a woman wants to be with an ambitious man who can have a goal that is as big as changing the world then she has to understand that this man will be extremely busy and that his business will be given a very high priority.

On the other hand the Entrepreneur must wisely choose the time of his marriage because unless he does so he would be risking his relationship and creating an unstable marriage.

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