Why so many people are depressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why depression is on the rise

Depression is more common than you think. Many of the people you see everyday are actually suffering from a mild depression that wasn't really diagnosed. Because the typical person won't let everyone know about their bad moods many people keep their depression to themselves without talking about it.

Apart from the fact that life is becoming more stressful there is another reason in my opinion that is contributing to the increased number of depressed people.

The number of depressed people is increasing simply because the ones who are depressed are not getting proper treatment. In other words more people are becoming depressed while most of the old ones remain depressed. See 7 life mistakes that can cause depression

Why most people are not dealing with their depression?

For the first instance you might think that depressed people are not doing anything to heal their depression but that's not true. Most people try to seek help from close ones when they get depressed and here comes the big problem.

Most of the advice and guidance people get about depression leads no where. I can confidently tell that 99% of the methods people use to end depression, including the ones recommended by professionals, simply never work.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression happens when a person loses hope. This lose of hope happens when the person fails to get something that really matters to them.

This thing doesn't have to be material for in many cases the person might just be after an emotional gain. Failing to get proper attention, recognition or even love are among the common causes for depression.

Now the problem here is that most people can't really understand why they are depressed. Those people usually get misguided by others, including professionals, then end up trying methods that never work. See also Why your depression is not going away.

Shortly the person gets even more depressed after believing that hope in ending the depression is lost. This is another layer of depression that happens when the person gets depressed about their ability to become happy again. See 5 Wrong practices that lead to depression.

You are doing it the wrong way

Depression can't be treated by exercising, Yoga, meditation, medication, mind fullness, hypnosis, keeping yourself busy or just trying to act like you are happy. See Why keeping yourself busy never treats depression & Why Meditation never worked for you.

Your brain is very concerned about something that it really wants.
This thing is so important to you that your brain has gone into some kind of protest (depression) until you get this matter fixed.

Depression is the highest form of communication from your mind about the things that truly matter to you. Depression is an extremely strong message from brain telling you that it only cares about certain things in this world and nothing else.

This is why your brain prevents you from enjoying all the other life pleasures until you fix that matter or bring hope back.

But then you respond with nonesense actions like keeping yourself busy , doing yoga or breathing exercises and this is why your mind becomes furious.

It sends you even more powerful signals of depression hoping that you will start to go in the right direction but again you respond with exercising, meditation and mind fullness.

This is exactly why your depression is not going away.
You are doing every possible thing to end depression but the only thing that can really work.

Bring back hope.
This is the only way to end depression.

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