Why some people are emotionally unstable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How perception affects emotions

Why are some people emotionally unstable?
Why do some people become mad all of a sudden?
Why do some people get emotional and burst in tears even though nothing significant happened?

In my previous article Why some people worry more than others i said that emotional sensitivity can reduce a person's tolerance to certain events. And while certainly this can be one reason some people are emotionally unstable still this is just a part of the story.

The very important fact you need to keep in mind is that each person sees the world from their own angle. This means that if two people went through the same situation they will experience totally different emotions. See Why do most people live a twisted reality

The situation itself can't change a person's emotions before the person has made some processing to the new data he just received. If for example a friend didn't call you and you didn't assume anything then probably your mood will never be affected.

If however you concluded that your friend doesn't like you then probably your emotions will change. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that our perception of events will determine our emotional reaction to them.

This emotional reaction will determine the new conclusions we will make about the world and as a result our self confidence will change.

The emotionally unstable person

But that's not everything. If the person had a severe emotional wound then probably this wound will make them much more emotionally unstable.

If for example a man always felt inferior to women then probably any slight sign of rejection , even if it was imagined, can make this man furious just because it unconsciously reminded him of an old wound. In other words emotional wounds exaggerate people's responses and even make them seem crazy.

In fact many of the drama queens you deal with , or kings, are actually emotionally wounded people. It's just the fact that you don't understand their wounds that make those people seem crazy.

So let's summarize what makes a person emotionally unstable:

  • 1) Low emotional tolerance: A low emotional tolerance contributes to the emotional instability problem and makes every experience more intolerable to the person. Dealing with emotional sensitivity can help with that matter
  • 2) Incorrect perception of the world: A person's perception of the world determines to a great extent the way he will react to the world and the different life events. See Why do people see the world differently
  • 3) Emotional wounds: Emotional wounds make a person extremely sensitive to any event that can remind them of their past wounds. This is why many people might seem to be overreacting to small events

Dealing with emotionally stability

If you think emotional instability is permanent then you are wrong. In fact you can work on your beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviour until you end up becoming much more tolerant than you currently are.

Emotional strength can certainly be learned but you need to do the right things. This is one reason why i designed the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers.

Once you fix your beliefs and your perception you will become an emotionally strong person who can't easily be affected by life's events.

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