Why some people only wear black

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we wear certain colors

Black is a very popular color. It can easily match all other colors and can help the person look elegant fast without making many choices. However it's not the good practical advantages of black that motivates some people to wear it most of the time.

Yes some people wear black for very logical reasons such as wanting to look thinner but those people usually wear other colors as well. The people i am going to talk about in this article are the ones who wear black most of the time.

I said earlier that as humans we all have certain psychological identities that we try to project. Literally everything that we do, buy or wear is done to project this identity to others.

Of course all humans have multiple identities but people usually try to project their most favored identities to others. When a person buys a certain car, gets a certain phone or wears a certain color then make sure that this person is trying to project something to others. See also What your phone really says about you.

Why do some people only wear black

Now let me tell you the reasons that motivate some people to always wear black:

  • 1) They are direct and serious: People who wear black often are usually very serious and reliable people. Those people aren't just serious but they also want to be perceived as serious and direct by others. Those people wear black to tell others that they are direct, to the point and that they know exactly what they want. See How your clothes reflect your personality
  • 2) They know what they want: People who wear black often usually know their path very well. They know what they want, they hardly get lost and they want others to see them this way
  • 3) They value empowerment, greatly : People who wear black value empowerment, like to be powerful and usually seek power. Those people might be strong willed and might want to project the image of being powerful and authoritative to others. See how clothes can make you more confident
  • 4) They want to appear intimidating: Many of the people who wear black are obsessed with appearing strong and intimidating. Some of those people want to appear intimidating because it's a part of their personality while others try to appear intimidating because they think they don't look strong enough. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that people might do certain things in order to compensate for their weaknesses. A person might thus wear black because they don't think they are strong enough. See Why do some men hate to wear pink Clothes

Why i always wore black

I spent years of my life wearing nothing but black and dark blue. Because i didn't know much about psychology back then i used to think that i am wearing black because it makes me look good while in fact my mind used to think that i was looking good because i was wearing black.

I had a certain identity that i liked very much which is the identity of being strong and powerful. As soon as i wore a color that made me seem more powerful or strong my brain found me much more attractive. In other words i was wearing black because it was helping me advertise the best part i liked about myself to others.

I am a very serious and direct person. Wearing black always helped me send that image directly to the people i was dealing with. Because black helped me be myself the most i always wore it.

Later on as i studied psychology i started to change the color i am wearing based on the type of person i am going to meet and based on my personal goals. If i was going for an important meeting for example then i always wore blue to appear more trust worthy.

If i wanted someone to think that i am kind and friendly i wore white and so on.

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