Why some people post hateful comments online

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

It's all about perception

If a person made a video that makes fun of women then we should expect to see some hateful comments from women. After all that person offended women greatly by their post and as a result getting some negative comments is a natural consequence.

But i am pretty sure you know that on the internet things don't work that way. People get negative and hateful comments no matter what they do or post.

So the important question now is, why would someone who offended no one get hateful comments?
The short answer is that person offended those hateful ones without realizing.

That person didn't get hateful comments because they did something wrong but it's because those people have serious psychological issues that so many things offend them.

In this article i am going to explain to you why the internet is full of haters and why those people are full of hate.

Why some people post hateful comments online

Some people blame the hate problem on the Internet's anonymity but that's not correct. Yes of course anonymity encourages people to do bad things but only a hateful person would post a hateful comment if they were given the chance to go away with it.

A sane person won't post a hateful comment unless they have been very offended by something and so anonymity is not the real problem.

So what's the real problem?

  • 1) Those people hate themselves: When a person hates themselves or their lives they become overly negative and critical of everything. As the perception of this person changes they become more likely to get offended by normal things that don't offend normal people. See Why haters hate
  • 2) They feel worthless: In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that there are two ways for a person to feel confident, the brave way and the cowardly way. The first is all about raising one's confidence while the second is all about putting others down. When some people feel worthless they just try to feel better by putting others down
  • 3) They feel jealous: Some people feel very jealous when they see anybody doing anything useful. Because those people believe that they are losers and that they can't succeed they get very offended by those who are trying to achieve success. See Why some people want you to fail
  • 4) They try to be who they are not: Many of those aggressive online haters are rabbits in real life. Many of those people lack courage and self esteem and they don't really dare to say one comment to a person face on to face. On the internet those people try to act strong, confident and in control and so they use aggression to project this fake image and to become who they are not.
  • 5) They are miserable: When sane people become sad they try to become happy but when mentally unstable people feel bad they project their hate and anger on others. Many of those haters are living horrible lives and they are just trying to make themselves feel a little better by dumping some of their negative emotions online. See Why do people become what they hate

Should you feel bad?

Should you feel bad when you get such hateful comments?
In fact you should feel sorry for those people.

If those people made you feel a little bad you should realize that they are feeling way worse.
Those people don't deserve the return of hate but they just deserve your pity.

And i am sure that this is enough to make you feel good.

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