Why some people use too many emojis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Analyzing people's personalities

Most people use Emojis to a certain extent. Some people however seem to use emojis in every message that they send. Those people use too many emojis during a conversation and can even send multiples of the same emoji in one message.

The interesting thing about any human behaviour is that it always signifies something. In my previous article How to analyze someone's personality i said that every single action a person does can tell you some things about their personality.

The key to understanding someone's personality through their behaviour is to learn how to connect the dots when you find more than one behaviour that seem to be serving the same purpose.

Why some people use too many emojis?

If a person uses too many emojis while chatting then any of the following could be true:

  • 1) They are overly emotional: Emojis are self expression tools. The more emotionally provoked a person is the more likely they are going to use emojis to express themselves. In other words those people might get emotional very easily and this emotional arousal leads to frustration which in turn motivates them to use many emojis. See Why are some people too emotional
  • 2) They are too sensitive: People who get emotionally provoked easily are more likely to be sensitive. Emotional sensitivity can in many cases be an exaggerated emotional reaction to a normal stimuli. If a person gets too emotional too often then it might mean that they are very sensitive. See Understanding highly sensitive people
  • 3) They are extroverts: People who use too many emojis might be extroverts, overly social or very friendly. People who put barriers between them and others are less likely to use too many emojis. This is why people with trust issues will usually avoid using emojis completely.Introverts might also use many emojis but for that to happen they have to be very friendly introverts
  • 4) They think about sex often: According to a study by match.com ,the famous dating site, people who use emojis often think more about sex. This makes sense since sexual energy requires some form of emotional expression to be released
  • 5) They have less testosterone: High levels of Testosterone makes men a bit social unfriendly. A man with lower levels of testosterone is more likely to send emojis than a man with higher levels of testosterone. Of course there are exceptions so don't consider this an unchangeable fact.Does having low testosterone make you less of a man

Don't make this common mistake

So many people make the mistake of thinking that human behaviour can be understood in a linear fashion. While the previous points might be facts in some cases still in other cases the presence of different parameters can change the results.

In other words when you see someone doing a certain behaviour you can make assumptions about their personalities but don't make final conclusions before you see more signs that support the same original assumption you made.

Do this and you will always get people correctly.

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