Why some people want you to fail

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Hating your success

I was reading a post about why many Youtubers keep asking people for likes. The post was interesting but what astonished me was the comments written by some people on the post.

Two people said something very similar to "When someone asks for a thumbs up i always give them a thumbs down".
Those comments caught my attention because they included a lot of hostility, aggression and negative emotions.

If a Youtuber asked a normal person for a like then the person might either give the like or do nothing but responding with a thumbs down just to piss off the person reflects serious psychological problems.

This might be a simple example that you might not see often but that same situation keeps happening everyday but in different ways.

I once saw someone writing a review on amazon and giving the product one star. The comment was "I didn't try the product but it has so many 5 star reviews"

The kind of person who writes such a comment is the same person who hates to see others succeeding and who feels totally worthless when anybody they know does anything significant in life.

Why some people want you to fail

So why do some people feel really bad when others succeed?

The explanation is very simple. When those people see you succeeding on any scale they feel like failures because they know they haven't made any success.

But there is an important question that we should be asking in here. Why don't those people try to succeed as well and so feel better about themselves?

The simple answer is: Those people are cowards, they feel insecure, they know they can't make it and so they can only feel good by seeing others failing.

People who hate your success the most are the ones who know that they can never be like you. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that when a person feels insecure about themselves they will want to see others feeling bad too.

Those who want you to fail, those who hate it when you succeed and those who feel bad when something good happens to you are examples of weak and insecure people. See How to identify haters and mean people

How secure people behave

People who feel good about themselves and who are confident in their abilities feel good when they see others succeeding even if they were not successful. Those people know that they can succeed and as a result they don't feel that intimidated by the achievements of others.

There are also sane people who have low self esteem. While those people aren't sure that they can succeed they still don't feel bad when they see others succeeding simply because they aren't full of hatred. See Why haters hate and how to deal with them

You have to be always aware of the people who seem unhappy when you succeed. Even if it wasn't about you and those people felt bad when someone else succeeded you still need to be very careful of them for their way of thinking will be the same with you or anyone else.

And just like they say, beware of the people who don't clap their hands when you succeed.

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