Why some people worry more than others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why some people worry more than others

Why some people worry more than others?
And why would two people go through the same situation yet one of them worries while the other never does?

In order to understand why some people are more likely to worry you first need to understand what causes worrying.

In my previous article The real reasons behind worrying i said that so many different reasons can contribute to worrying but in this case one particular reason is of interest to us which is 'your personal level of tolerance'.

We humans have different levels of emotional tolerance. Some of us are much more sensitive to certain experiences than others. This is one reason why some people cry during movies while others don't.

I have said earlier that we all see the world differently. The fact that two people are experiencing the same thing doesn't mean that they are both getting the same feelings or making the same conclusions about the world. See Why do people see the world differently.

Now the more sensitive a person is the more likely he is to store the bad experience in his memory and the more likely he is to recall it often.

Emotional sensitivity and worrying

In my previous article How emotional sensitivity leads to psychological disorders i said that the more emotionally sensitive a person is the more he will find bad situations devastating.

Once a person goes through a devastating experience his brain chemistry can change. In such a case the brain will be re-wired to help the person avoid that situation at all costs. This also explains why some people develop worrying later on in their lives.

It's just the fact that they became too intolerant to a certain possibility that they can't imagine it happening. In my article The ultimate solution to end worrying i said that once the worst case becomes intolerable it won't really matter whether the negative thoughts are rational or not.

So many people worry everyday about things that are not likely to happen just because they can't tolerate the imagined events. The more sensitive a person is the less his tolerance will be and the more likely he is going to worry if he saw the future negatively.

Fortunately this can be changed. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that once you know how to change your perception of the world the things that used to hurt you will hurt you no more. In other words emotional sensitivity can be treated and as a result it might help you get over your future worries.

Worrying about something that never happened

The previous section might have explained why you sometimes worry about a bad past experience ,that has the possibility of being repeated again, but it didn't explain why you might worry about something that never happened.

In fact the concept is exactly the same. Here is why we might worry:

  • 1) Worrying about the past repeating itself:We might worry about things that happened in the past because we don't want them to be repeated.
  • 2) Worrying about future possibilities: We might also worry as a result of imagining how it would be like if something that never happened before happened to us. Our brain is very good at visualization and at any point it can help us visualize a bad outcome that never happened before. See How to visualize what you want
  • 3) Worrying about an event that happened to someone else: If you are a worrying-prone person and you saw someone going through a very bad experience than you might worry that this experience might happen to you

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