Why some women want trophy husbands

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people want trophy partners

Just like there are men who want trophy wives There are also women who want trophy husbandw. People who want trophy partners usually don't make emotional choices as much as they make logical choices.

Those logical choices however are heavily based on those people's personal psychological goals. A showy man for example might want a very beautiful wife just to show her off to others. While that man would still have other needs still his subconscious goal of showing off would have a very high priority.

People who have unusual subconscious goals that are too intense usually end up looking for trophy partners.

Why some women want trophy husbands

Just as i always say the same behaviour can happen for so many different reasons. When i give a list of reasons for a specific behaviour i only do it to give you a basic idea about the proper thinking direction you should follow to understand that behaviour. This means that the list i am providing doesn't have to be covering all of the existing possibilities. Now that you understand that part here are some reasons why some women want trophy husbands:

  • 1) They have self esteem problems: Women do care about looks but not as much as men do. When a woman chooses a man solely based on looks then there is a great possibility that this woman is trying to compensate for a certain self esteem related problem. See Do women really care about looks
  • 2) They are less emotional: Women who look for trophy husbands are the ones who think with their minds. They don't really care about an emotional connection as long as they care about getting a catch. see Why are some people too emotional.
  • 3) They want to prove something: People who look for trophy partners are usually the ones who are eager to prove something to others. A woman for example might have the goal of proving to others that she can attract a great partner
  • 4) They are overly competitive: Overly competitive women might want to attract partners who are better than the ones their friends attracted. In such a case the choices those women make might be very materialistic
  • 5) They are self centered: People who go for trophy partners might be self centered. In such a case all those people care about is having their personal needs satisfied.
  • 6) They are narcissists: Narcissists might be very materialistic since they always want to be better than everyone else. A narcissistic woman would only go for a man who is good enough to satisfy her ego. See also Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive
  • 7)They are trying to compensate for something: In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that the desire to compensate for certain things can motivate us to do extreme things. If a woman wants to compensate for some kind of inferiority then she might only seek trophy husbands

Is it bad to seek a trophy husband?

No, it's not.
One of the keys to happiness in life is understanding one's own psychological needs perfectly. Once you become aware of who you are and what you truly want you will easily be able to make choices that can make you happy.

The only concern in here is that you must also make sure that you are satisfying the needs of the person you got attracted to else the relationship might not work.

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