Why the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The subconscious mind is very powerful

I am pretty sure you tried before to consciously force yourself to do something only to find yourself unable to do it. In many previous articles i talked about how the subconscious mind can force you into different directions even if you were consciously trying to go in a certain direction.

The subconscious mind can easily override conscious intentions and force you to into certain paths. In the case of motivation for example you might consciously try to push yourself to do something only to find yourself lacking energy and interest.

In such a case you are not getting motivated because your subconscious mind doesn't actually see a point in motivating you. See Why logic can't motivate you.

This is just one simple example to show you how powerful the subconscious mind can be and how it is way stronger than the conscious mind.

The other fact you must note in here is that the subconscious mind might not respond to force. If for example you tried to motivate yourself by force then your efforts will probably go in vain and you might even feel lazier. See Why are some people lazy.

But why is the subconscious mind more powerful?

But what makes the subconscious mind more powerful than the conscious mind?

  • 1) It's the store of beliefs: I am pretty sure you know how strong beliefs can be and how hard it can be for someone to change their beliefs. Because the subconscious mind is the store of beliefs it can easily force you to take a certain action based on one of those beliefs. See Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions
  • 2) It controls emotions: The subconscious mind is the source of emotions. If it wants you to do something then it will use emotions to motivate you to do that thing. And because emotions can be very powerful the subconscious mind can easily control your behavior. See where do emotions come from
  • 3) Infinite processing power: While the conscious mind can just focus on few things at a time the subconscious mind can do so many things in the same time including collecting more information and processing more things. This makes it much easier for the subconscious mind to control your mood, emotions, perception and almost everything

So how to avoid being controlled by the subconscious mind?

While the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind still the later can control the earlier if proper self understanding was achieved. In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that once you gain proper self understanding you will be able to consciously give instructions to your subconscious mind instead of letting it control you.

But again this can't happen by force. In order to convince your subconscious mind to obey you certain steps must be taken. You don't just have to understand yourself but you also need to negotiate with your subconscious mind to convince it with your point of view.

Consider the subconscious mind a totally independent person. In order to convince that person to obey you certain arguments must be used. Those arguments must appeal to the logic of the subconscious mind else it won't like them. Once the subconscious mind is convinced with your logic it will happily grant your requests.

The ultimate form of power can happen when both your conscious and subconscious mind cooperate together in such a way that they both work towards the achievements of your goals.

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