Why things get better when we are about to leave

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why things get better right before they end

The last sip of a tasty juice
The last moments in a great movie
The last bite in a yummy sandwich

The one common thing between all of those situations is that things get much better as soon as we realize that they are about to end. Scarcity is one of the signals that our brains are designed to pay a lot of attention to. Once something becomes scarce our brain automatically assigns more value to it.

Of course that thing has to be useful for us before we can care about its scarcity. When you eat a food that you enjoy then you realize that it is about to run out your brain signals you so that you realize how important that food is for you. As a result the food tastes better or at least you believe that it now tastes better. See How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception.

Why things get better when we are about to leave

In one study it was found that men found attractive women even more attractive when they were about to leave. This means that if you met an attractive person then they will seem more attractive moments before they leave or moments before you plan to leave.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people will find you more attractive if they believed that you are scarce.

In other words being needy pushes people away and makes you seem much less attractive to them. Once a person believes that you are hard to get they automatically assume that you are more attractive.

The reason people make that conclusion is that they assume that you must be getting lots of attention from others. Once people believe that you are getting lots of attention they will automatically assume that you are more attractive.

Our perception of attractiveness changes based on the conclusions we make. This means that someone can become more physically attractive instantly just because we made a certain conclusion about them. See also Attractiveness perception psychology.

Many people mistakenly assume that once we determine the physical attractiveness of a person we hardly change our minds but that's not correct. Several studies have shown that we keep changing the way we see others based on the new information we keep acquiring about them.

Don't be so available

Once you become overly available people will automatically assume that they can get you any time and as a result you will seem less attractive to them.

This is why being mysterious and unpredictable can make you seem much more attractive to people. People won't be thinking logically when they assume that you are more attractive for the whole process will happen unconsciously.

They will just start to realize that you are becoming more and more attractive. In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that the perception of physical attractiveness can highly be manipulated when you know about the right things you should do.

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