Why watching porn leads to porn addiction

Popular myths about porn and masturbation

One of the most popular myths about porn and masturbation is that watching porn can help release sexual frustration where as the opposite is actually true.

Another very popular myth that forces so many people to become porn addicts is the belief that sexual frustration builds up as the days pass. Those who have that belief think that they get more sexually frustrated every day provided that they don't masturbate.

Those beliefs aren't only incorrect but in fact the complete opposite is true. As a person watches porn and masturbates they alter their brain chemistry in such a way that they crave both porn and masturbation even more.

On the other hand as the person abstains their brain chemistry slowly reverts to normal and they slowly stop feeling like watching porn or masturbating. See why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire

Why watching porn leads to porn addiction

Here is exactly why watching porn and masturbating leads to porn addiction:

  • 1) Chemical addiction: In the the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that porn and masturbation addiction is 100% chemical. As you watch porn and/or masturbate your brain releases large amount of dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical that is released when you consume drugs and it's the one chemical responsible for addiction. Shortly you will become addicted to dopamine itself while mistakenly believing that you are sexually frustrated
  • 2) The pictures remain in your head: If you watched porn one day then the images you have seen might remain in your head for some time. Those images might cause a great deal of sexual frustration that might force you to repeat the whole process again. In such a case you weren't sexually frustrated because you abstained but you were sexually frustrated because you saw many images without having actual sex. In other words you just added to your fantasies without really releasing your sexual frustration even though you masturbated. See Tips that can help you stop watching porn
  • 3) The experience itself leads to more frustration: When a person masturbates pleasant feelings are created. Those feelings make the memory of masturbation stronger and this is why the person might crave masturbation again. It's not the sexual desire that led to this cravings but it's strong memory the person created. See also How harmful is internet porn addiction
  • 4) Porn leads to more porn: Just like drug addicts crave a bigger dose in order to get high porn addicts crave more porn in order to feel the same pleasure. The reason this happens is that dopamine , which is the chemical responsible for both types of addiction, must be supplied to the brain in higher doses for pleasure to happen

This is why you can't stop watching porn

The problem isn't with your imagined sexual frustration but it's with your wrong beliefs about sexual frustration. Once you understand that watching porn and masturbation make you more sexually frustrated you will find that giving up on both of those habits is much easier than you thought.

Abstaining on the other hand will help your brain reset to it's initial state. As the memories of both porn and masturbation become weaker you feel less desire to watch porn or masturbate.

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