Why we hate to know the truth about ourselves

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Hiding from the truth

Why would someone hate to know the truth about themselves?
Why would someone block their ears whenever a person tries to confront them?
And why do some people choose to run away from the truth?

In the beginning this might seem like a strange behaviour. After all people should be eager to know the truth in order to understand what's going on in their lives, right?

Well some people choose to hide the truth and to live in a world of lies because they can't face that truth. The short answer to that behavior is lack of courage.

As a result of lack of courage many people decide to create lies and believe in them just because they can't face the truth. Those people don't just do that but they also avoid any person or encounter that could point them to the truth about themselves. See also Why lack of courage causes most psychological disorders.

Why we hate to know the truth about ourselves

  • 1) They need their false beliefs to remain stable: In my article Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions i said that the person's psychological stability can get threatened by new beliefs. In other words a person might choose to believe in a lie in order to maintain their mental stability. For those people the truth can be too shocking that it would cause them psychological problems
  • 2) They don't want to take responsibility: Sometimes people choose to deny the truth in order to escape from the responsibility. Those people know that if they admitted that they are doing mistakes then they would be responsible for changing them. Some people find it very hard to handle the responsibility and as a result they choose to hide away from it. See You lack motivation because you are afraid
  • 3) They are living in denial: Many people live in denial when they can't accept a harsh reality. The state of denial in such a case is no more than a defense mechanism that the person uses in order to run away from a harsh reality. Because that person can't tolerate living with the truth they choose to deny it. See Are you living a lie

Do you want to be brave?

If you want to improve your life or if you want to succeed then you have to realize that lying to yourself won't lead you anywhere. You will just remain stuck in that same place for as long as you don't want to admit the truth.

And i am pretty sure you already noticed that hiding the truth won't bring you the peace of mind. For there will always be a part inside you that will keep reminding you of the fact that you are lying to yourself.

This part will hardly make you feel good until you admit that something wrong is going on.
In other words you will never find peace by lying to yourself.

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