Why we prefer quick fixes over long term solutions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we believe in nonsense?

What if i told you that i have an instant way to make you feel happy?
Or what if i told you that i know of a technique that can make you feel great right now?

Most probably you will believe me or at least most people will. But the reason those people will believe me has nothing to do with what i am going to say as much as it has to do with them wanting to believe me.

In my previous article Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions i said that sometimes people believe in things not because they are right but because they need to believe in them.

In my previous article Why it is sometimes Easier to Believe a Lie than the Truth i said that many of us believe in the things that help them feel better with disregard to the fact that those make sense or not.

Why are we lazy

We humans are lazy beings from a biological point of view. We were not designed to get motivated to do repetitive work each day as much as we were designed to survive. Survival requires energy and because of that our brains try to conserve energy whenever possible. See why we become lazy.

In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that motivation only happens when the brain finds a powerful reason that justifies the spending of energy.

In other words laziness is much easier for the brain than motivation. Now when i propose a quick fix to you ,such as the guide to become rich in two weeks for example, then you will probably want to follow that path because it helps you save energy the most.

But the important question here is, does this path work?
You already tried and you already know.
It never does.

When my claims can't be proven right or wrong

All of the tricks above will only work if the fictional claims i made can never be proven right or wrong. Let's suppose that i told you that i will sell you a book that will make you rich in 2 days.

In such a case you will shortly realize that i am a liar and my product will fail.
Now what if i made some kind of claims that can't be either proven right or wrong?

What if packaged the quick fix in a package based on some pseudo-science in such a way that you can never know whether i am right or wrong?

In such a case my quick fix will be adopted by you and by millions of people even though it's a hoax.
Want a popular example?

The law of attraction. A quick fix claim based on very little science and a lot of uncertainty promising instant change, happiness and wealth.

But the important question here is , does it work?
No one can tell. If it didn't work for you someone will tell you that you are using it wrong. If you became successful you will assume that the quick fix did it for you.

Long term solutions are the only thing that works

Short term solutions, quick fixes and pseudo-sciences can never help you feel better. And if you believed it did then probably it's just your perception trying to prove to you that your beliefs were right. See How people twist the facts to support their beliefs.

If you really want to change your life, to be happy or to get real results then do long term changes and avoid quick fixes.

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