Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The illogical question

Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed?
For the first instance this might seem like a logical question. After all we stop caring about things when we get depressed because we lose interest in doing them and we find no energy to do anything.

But there is a small problem with this logic.
If we had more energy to work, care about ourselves and our appearance then our depression might actually get reduced. So why don't our minds give us more energy when we get depressed?

Even though the answer to this complex question is crucial to getting over depression still most people answer it incorrectly.

The answer to this question is : When we get depressed we stop caring about every single thing except one thing.
Let me explain this concept more in the next few lines.

Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed?

When we become depressed our focus turns inwards.
We stop caring about anything in the outside world because we have a very important matter than we need to resolve.

You get depressed when your brain loses hope in getting something that matters a lot. And all what your brain wants you to do in such a case is to get back this thing. See Understanding depression

Now when you try to do any kind of activity such as exercise, playing a game, watching a movie or even sleeping then your brain will realize that you are shifting your attention from that extremely important matter to things that won't make any difference.

And this is exactly why you never find energy to do those things. See 5 Wrong practices that lead to depression

While your mind wants you to attend to an extremely important internal matter you try to engage with the external world and do things that are not by any means related to your big problem. See Why your depression is not going away.

Why medication is worthless

After doing all the things that are not by any means related to the problem that made you depressed in the first place you will certainly find that you are still depressed.

At this point many people try to seek help from psychiatrists who usually give them medications.
So while your mind is pleading you to deal with your original problem you respond back with a chemical that tries to shift your attention even more from that problem.

And yet people still wonder why their depression never goes away. Why most psychologists don't really help.

You got depressed because a very important matter needs to be dealt with.
Your brain shifted your attention from the outside world and from anything that is not related to this problem so that you focus on it.

Yet you are doing everything you can to avoid thinking about this problem or to provide your brain with a true working solution for it.

Your brain made everything in life less enjoyable because it wants to tell you that nothing in life is worth anything as long as that problem is still there.

Your brain is telling you , through depression, that unless that problem is solved life will have no meaning for you.

And yet you are responding with meditation, mindfulness, traveling and other things that have nothing to do with solving problems. See Why keeping yourself busy never treats depression & Why Meditation never worked for you.

This is exactly why you are still depressed.
You are simply running away from the message instead of responding to it.

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