Why women like brooding men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What does brooding mean

There is a famous study that said that women tend to like brooding and swagging men more than smiling and happy men. In my article Why do women like men with swag i covered the swagging part and its connection to attraction.

In this article i will tell you why women like brooding men.
The word brooding could mean thoughtful, obsessive or thoughtful looking. Daniel Craig , the guy who plays James bond, is an example of a brooding man.

When you look at Craig's face it will seem to you that he is having deep thoughts about something.
Do you know those moments where you become concerned about a problem that you keep thinking about it while you are in public?

During this moment you are probably looking like a brooding man. Let me make it clear that the brooding man isn't the anxious man who is biting his nails while thinking about his problems but he is rather a one who handles his problems with confidence. See Anxiety in body language.

The brooding man will look thoughtful, concerned about something and confident in the same time. In my previous article Why being cocky attracts women i said that women like arrogant men. If you seemed like an arrogant brooding male then you will have a much higher chance with women.

Why women like brooding men?

The important question here is: why do women like brooding men?
Why don't women like the happy man who doesn't seem to be concerned about anything?

In my previous article Why women like angry faces i said that women tend to prefer angry looking males over happy and smiling ones.

The reason women have that strange preference is that they assume that an angry looking man is strong, powerful and masculine.

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that looking happy might make women think that you are submissive or even weak.

Women think that brooding men are smart, thoughtful and emotionally strong. And because women do care a lot about being with a strong male ,who has a great control over his emotions, they tend to find the brooding man very attractive.

Women want to be with mysterious, thoughtful and strong men. The brooding look might reflect all of those traits in the same time. See why being mysterious works.

What women really want

When it comes to attracting women you need to understand that their biological makeup motivates them to seek a certain kind of man. For the first instance it might seem like smiling and seeming like a happy guy can help you attract women to you but that's not the case.

Before you do a certain behaviour ask yourself what would it signify to a woman who is silently watching you. smiling is a great thing but it can ruin your chances with women.

The same goes for sensitivity which might seem like something that women are looking for but the truth is that women prefer the strong man over the sensitive one. See Do women really like sensitive men.

In order to be successful with women you need to forget about what they see and to look directly at their psychological needs for they can provide you with clues about what they really want.

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