Why women like men with dark triad traits

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are dark triad traits

According to psychology Dark triad traits are certain personality traits that are considered dark or even evil. Dark triad traits are classified into Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psycopathy.

Here is a simple explanation of all three Dark triad traits:

  • 1) Machiavellianism Following the rules of Machiavelli to get what you want in life. Those rules might include lying, dishonesty, selfishness, being deceptive and many other ethically inappropriate ways to get what you wan
  • 2) Narcissism: Narcissism is a psychological disorder where the person exaggerates their own importance while putting down others and considering them inferior. See Narcissism explained
  • 3) Psycopathy: A psychopath is a person who is suffering from a serious mental disorder that might involve abnormal or violent social behaviour

Why women like men with dark triad traits

Ask any woman about the kind of man she likes and she will respond telling you that she wants a caring and loving man. And despite of the fact that so many women give the same exact response many of them still go for men who have some of the dark triad traits. See Do women really like sensitive men.

For the first instance this might sound very confusing. After all, why would a woman like a Narcissist or even a psychopath?
Why would a woman be with a cheater or a person who makes her suffer?

The answer lies in the way women were biologically wired to choose their partners. In my article How do women choose their mates i said that women are biologically wired to go for the strong, competitive, confident and dominant man.

There is nothing wrong at all with those traits for all of them are good ones. The problem happens when women start looking for other signs that might indicate the presence of the traits they are looking for.

In my article Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive i said that women get attracted to the narcissistic man because they assume that he is confident and truly superior to others.

In such a case the woman wasn't looking for such a trait but she encountered it as she was looking for a totally different one.

The same goes for other dark triad traits. Here are some examples to make the matter clearer:

  • An aggressive man could seem more dominant to women
  • An anti-social man could appear more masculine
  • A psychopath could appear strong and confident
  • A cheater could appear more attractive since more women want him

Of course all of these are perception errors but in all cases those perception errors easily make women choose the wrong men while thinking that they are choosing the right ones.

In a previous article i said that women like bad boys but this doesn't happen because women want to be mistreated. Women like bad boys because they seem strong, less needy, confident, dominant and independent.

How to appeal to women

If you understood this article correctly then probably you now know that dark triad traits are really bad and that they are not what women are looking for.

Just as i said earlier women are looking for strength, confidence, dominance and masculinity. If you want to be attractive to women you just need to show them that you have those traits without actually cheating, lying or doing anything wrong.

You don't have to be a Narcissist, a machiavellian or even a psychopath in order to attract women. You just need to show them that you have what they are looking for.

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