Why you always love the wrong person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with your types

Why do you always fall in love with the wrong person?
And how come every time you choose a person you discover that they have traits that you can't live with?
And why is this loop repeating itself over and over?

In my previous article Why do we have types i said that each one of us is attracted to a certain type of people based on our beliefs, past experiences and many other factors.

Now what if for some reason you managed to believe that a certain type of person is good for you while the opposite was actually true?

What if you became drawn to types that are not by any means compatible with you?
In such a case you will always end up with a person who is not suitable for you and your relationships will always be unsatisfactory. See also 10 signs you should breakup now.

When your type goes wrong

You might be wondering how can your heart always make the wrong choice?
Well the first mistake you just made is that you believed that love comes from the heart where as everything works according to the love map your brain developed.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that your beliefs, past experiences, the way you were raised and numerous other factors come together to determine your love map. When your brain finds someone who matches the items in this love map your emotions will be triggered and you will believe that you are in love.

Now what if this love map was flawed because of any reason?
What if you had a wrong line or even few wrong lines in your love map?
This will always lead to the choice of the wrong partner until the love map is fixed.

Here is a simple example to make things clear. If you were not brave enough then you might automatically get repelled by any person who displays sings of strength and courage.

In such a case you will always end up with a passive and weak partner without knowing that you are the one who actually called for it. See also Why do i attract emotionally unavailable guys.

What happened here exactly is that your flawed love map forced you to prefer a certain type of person who is not that suitable for you. And because your love map always determines who you fall in love with you always end up with the wrong person. See also How to find the items in your love map

Fix the problems with your love map

In order to help yourself out of this you need a tremendous amount of courage. First you need courage to admit that you got love wrong and that the media fooled you. See Why is love not like in the movies?.

Next you need to realize that there are probably some problems with your love map that need to be fixed. Once you find out those things you will easily be able to change them.

The hard part isn't changing what you found but it's admitting that the love map that helps you select people is actually flawed.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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