Why you are worrying for no reason

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Worrying for no reason

Why do we sometimes worry for no reason?
Why do we sometimes start worrying all of a sudden even though nothing bad happened?

Worrying can be a tricky emotion to deal with. Even though sometimes there are clear reasons for worrying in other cases worrying can seem to happen for no reason. But the important question you need to ask yourself is, does worrying really happen for no reason?

Or is there a reason that you can't figure out?
In fact worrying never happens for no reason but in some cases the reason might not be very clear to you. In my previous article What triggers worrying i said that certain unconscious triggers can actually trigger worrying even though you might not be fully aware of them.

At any point of time you will be collecting information about the world through your senses. However not all of this information is collected consciously for some if it is collected without your full awareness.

Now any of these pieces of information , which could be as simple as an image that triggers a negative thought, could result in worrying.

It's not that the thing you saw made you worried but it's just that this thing that you saw reminded you of something else that made you worried. See Why do i worry more in the morning

There is always a reason

But the second important question you need to ask yourself is, why do certain things make you worry?
In my article The real reasons behind worrying i said that when there is a possibility that something that you can't tolerate happens then you will worry even if that possibility was almost non-existent.

So many people worry about things that have little , if any possibility, of happening just because they can't tolerate that worst outcome. I said earlier that adapting to the intolerable outcome can help you stop worrying since you won't be afraid anymore to face the worst possibility. See why worrying is usually irrational

Understand yourself to understand your worries

In order to understand your worries you need to first understand yourself very well. What are the things you value the most? What are your emotional wounds? What are the things that remind you of those wounds?

The previous questions and many other questions can help you understand why you sometimes worry so much about things that seem insignificant to others.

Let's suppose that you realized that past rejections has made you lose your self esteem. In such a case you are very likely to worry about rejections more than others since they will be affecting your self esteem directly.

Now the soloution in such a case is to learn how to prevent rejections from affecting your self esteem by building self confidence.

In other words once you get yourself prepared to face your worst fears you aren't going to worry anymore but before you can do that you need to understand yourself very well.

The previous example was very clear but in so many cases worrying happens for subtle reasons that people fail to understand. I am not saying that a person will fail to identify the thing he is worried about but what i am trying to say is that in many cases people don't understand why they worry so much about things that seem insignificant to others.

The answer always lies in self understanding.

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