Why you shouldn't tell people about your dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you shouldn't tell people about your dreams

We all see dreams at night, so why could it be a mistake to tell people about your dreams?
In order to know why this act is very wrong let me first tell you few things about personality analysis.

When you read about personality analysis you will shortly realize that anything that is directly or indirectly connected to a person can tell you a lot about them. The clothes that you wear, the things that you buy, the words that you use and almost anything that is connected to you can let a trained person know lots of your private secrets. See How to analyze people's personalities.

So what about dreams?
Dreams are an integral part of personality analysis.
Many of the famous psychology schools rely on dreams to help tell how the person thinks and behaves.

Now telling people about your dream is very similar to exposing very sensitive parts of your personality , needs and wants to others. See the connection between dreams and personality disorders

When i talked about developing intimacy earlier i said that it's OK to share things with people to feel connected to them. But the problem with dreams is that you might be sharing sensitive information about yourself without actually realizing you are doing so.

Dreams are coded into symbols

The biggest problem with dreams is that they are not direct but instead they are usually coded into symbols with the exception of a very small number of dreams.

In my previous article why do we dream in symbols i said that the symbols you see in your dreams can tell you a lot about your personality, needs and wants.

Now if you told a dream, that you don't understand, to a person and this person understood the dream then they might know very sensitive information about the way you think.

The problem here is not with information sharing but it's with not knowing what you are sharing. The information could easily reach the wrong person and result in potential harm.

In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said dreams can be used to analyze people's needs and desires. This means that your wants and needs could be known by a person who can interpret your dreams.

You might be telling people that you like them

In my article what does it mean to dream about someone i said that people could appear in your dreams for various reasons including being concerned about them or even liking them.

When you become so concerned about a person you care a lot about your subconscious mind might show them to you in your dreams.

In my article Why you should marry the person you dream about i said that dreaming about a person could be a strong sign that you like them.

Now when you tell someone who knows about dreams that you see them in your dreams you might be actually telling them indirectly that you do do have emotions for them.

Dreams are very private

Dreams are a private thing. You might only want to talk about them to your true friends. A dream that might seem meaningless can tell lots of things about you to a person who has some knowledge of dreams.

Unless you trust a person well keep your dreams to yourself.

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