Why young males commit suicide

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why many people get suicide wrong

I have been reading few articles recently where the authors were wondering why would successful young males commit suicide. The first mistake people do when trying to understand why suicide happens is making assumptions about the person who committed suicide according to their own belief system.

For example many of the authors described those young males as successful because they measured success according to their own beliefs while totally forgetting that what matters is the person's own definition of success. See also What is real success.

In other words if the young male who committed suicide believed that he is very far from success then certainly this will be a factor contributing to his suicide no matter how successful society thinks he is.

In one of articles i read it said that a young male committed suicide even though he was making 150,000 USD a year. Now what if that young male wanted to be the next Mark Zuckerberg?
And what if success for him was becoming a multimillionaire or even a billionaire?

In such a case that person might actually consider himself a loser according to his own perspective, which is the only thing that matters here.

I wrote an article that attempted to provide an explanation for the suicide of the famous star Robin Williams and i talked about the same concept.

People believed that Robin Williams had it all , because they wanted to have money and fame, while forgetting about the man's real needs according to his own perspective and this is why they failed to understand his death.

Young males commit suicide after comparing themselves to others

Studies have found that suicide rate is higher among young males when they were earning less compared to their peers. This makes a lot of sense since we humans are social beings and we define who we are in terms of the people we interact with.

If you are the richest one in your city then you will hardly feel poor. But there is a small problem here. The advent of the internet made the world seem so small that people are now comparing themselves to ones they never met.

We no longer define ourselves in terms of who we are in our small social circle but we define ourselves in terms of who we are in the whole world.

While you might be thinking that your friend is happy and satisfied because he has more money than you he might actually be miserable because of believing that he has nothing compared to the internet millionaires he hears about all the time. See also why do people commit suicide.

This kind of pressure has made the world much more competitive than it was years ago. And because males are usually more competitive than females they are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Suicide at a young age

But why would a young person commit suicide?
After all if a person still has a chance to get what he wants then why would he want to quit?

Because again the belief that a person has a chance is alerted by his own perception and not your judgement of the opportunities he has. Depression happens when a person believes that he has no hope in satisfying his important needs whether that belief is right or wrong. See why people get depressed at the age of 25.

This means that if a person believed that he has no hope his age won't really make a big difference in the equation.

Why males are more likely to commit suicide

Males are constantly put under pressure to succeed and have good careers. While many females are also pushed to do the same still most societies push the male more aggressively.

This type of pressure in addition to the comparisons a typical male keeps making results in lots of psychological distress that might lead to suicidal thoughts. See also Why so many entrepreneurs get depressed

So the important conclusion you should have made here is that suicide has nothing to do with age, success or money as much as it has to do with how the person sees the world.

The biggest mistake you might want to make is try to understand a person according to your own belief system and not according to his own perception of the world.

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