Why your depression is not going away

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

This is why you are still depressed

I know you tried everything.
You tried to think positively but it didn't work.
You tried to travel, exercise, meet new people and yet you still felt the same.
You then tried meditation, mind fullness affirmations and you thought you will get results. Then few days later you became the sad person you were.

When everything didn't work you decided to seek professional consultation and ended up with some prescribed medications. Then you tried the medications for some time only to realize that this too doesn't work.

And then you lost hope and believed that this depression is never going to go away.
You started then labeling yourself with words such as "I am bipolar" or "i have a problem with my brain chemistry"

You started to believe that depression is a part of your nature.
And that you were destined to live like that.

But you are totally wrong.
Everything that you did in the past is the exact opposite of what you should have been doing.
And this is why your depressed never went away even though you tried almost everything.
At least everything that you believed in.
Or were taught to believe in.

Why your depression is not going away

Yesterday i felt so thirsty that i couldn't sleep.
So i went to the refrigerator, stood in front of it then started practicing some mindfulness.
To my surprise my thirst didn't go away.

So i tried to use positive thinking and affirmations to convince myself that i am not thirsty but that didn't work either.

So i decided to do something new or to travel in order to change but my thirst never went away.
Yes you probably now realized that this story is not true simply because it sounds like total nonsense.

But did you notice that this is exactly what you have been doing to fight depression?
Did you notice that you were doing things that cannot by any means help you feel better?
Did you notice that you were ignoring the main problem and focusing on trivial things?

Depression is a very powerful sign of deep concern.
It's a very powerful message sent to you by your brain to tell you something.

Your brain is extremely concerned about something that it badly wants to grab your attention.
That big dream you gave up upon years ago
That life goal you lost hope on few month ago
And that miserable life you decided to accept because you don't know what to do are the root cause of your depression.

Your mind is too concerned about something that it decided to make your life miserable until you get that thing, renew hope or just decide to fight back for it. See Why emotions are just messages.

Depression is not what you have been told.
Yes your brain chemicals are now messed up i know. But they got messed up because your mind is too concerned about something that it can't live a normal life without it anymore.
Your brain chemicals are messed up because you lost hope on something.

There is something at the back of your mind that you wanted badly and that you either gave up on or lost hope in getting it.

This is why you are depressed.
And this is why mindfulness, medication, meditation, Yoga, exercising, affirmations, positive thinking and everything are not working. And this is why they will never work. See Why giving up causes depression.

How to truly end depression

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that you will only be able to end depression when you stop following nonsense schools and focus on the real problem.

You need to admit that there is a real problem that you failed to solve or that you are not trying to solve and that this problem is the root cause for all of this sadness and loss of hope.

You need to understand that acceptance only works if you don't have a choice (like with the case of death of a beloved one).

But as long as you are still capable of fighting for your dreams and as long as there is even 1% hope then your mind is never going to leave you alone.

It will haunt you with depression until you do one thing.
Until you decide to restore back hope again.
And fight for all of the things that truly matter.

That's how to end depression my friend.
Everything else will never work.
And you already know that.

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