Why your dreams happen in real life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your brain processes information

Every now and then i get a message from someone who tells me that whenever they see a dream it happens in real life. For the first instance this might not sound like a serious problem but when the person starts seeing real bad dreams then this observation can be very troubling.

First of all i do not disagree with the theory that some dreams are visions. In fact i do believe in that however what most people don't get is that most of the dreams that they worry about are nothing more than reflections of their own thoughts.

Our brains do a lot of processing to the information we collect. The information that we receive through our sense can get edited, altered, distorted and modified. See also Do dreams tell the future

Once you develop a certain belief then lots of editing and deletion is going to happen to your perception just because you unconsciously want to prove your beliefs correct. See How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception

In other words once you believe that your dreams become true you will only focus on the instances where that happens and you will ignore all other situations where the dreams never happened. If each 100 dreams a coincidence happened and the dream became true then you will believe that everything you see in your dreams becomes true because your mind will discard those 99 instances where your dreams never happened.

Why your dreams happen in real life

Now that you are aware how your mind works its time to know why some of your dreams become true:

  • 1) You get what you focus: If you focused on the connections between your dreams and your reality then your mind will very likely help you find those connections. Our brains interprets events in light of our beliefs and so once a belief is developed it strongly affects our perception. See Why you get what you focus on
  • 2) Your dreams reflected your worries: In so many cases we dream about the things we are concerned about. We usually become concerned about things that have a certain possibility of occurring and this is why we might think that our dreams are becoming true. See Why do we dream in symbols
  • 3) You created a self fulfilling prophecy: In my article How your name affects your looks i explained how we create self fulfilling prophecies all the time and then make them true. Once you believe that a dream is going to happen your behaviour might change and so you might end up making it true
  • 4) You only remembered the ones that happened:How many dreams that you saw never happened? And why are you focusing on some dreams while ignoring the others? What's the percentage of those dreams compared to the total number of dreams you had?

Don't be obsessed with dreams

Yes i believe that some dreams might be visions but still this doesn't mean that you should obsess over all of your dreams. Even if you have visions that would still be a very tiny percent compared to the number of dreams you see.

Most of your dreams never happened and will never happen simply because they are mere reflections of what's taking place inside your mind. In short, chill :)

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