Why your emotions show on your face easily

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do people read you easily?

No this is not an article about face reading or reading a person's facial expressions but instead it's a one that explains why almost everybody seems to notice it when you don't feel well.

Some people are much more readable than others. Even the ones who are not trained can easily guess the emotions of those people by just looking at their faces. If you are one of those people then in this article i will tell you why your emotions show on your face very easily.

Why your emotions show on your face easily

  • 1) You are an emotional person: Emotional people can easily be read because their emotions show on their face very clearly. A person who is full of emotions is a highly predictable person for their face will usually reflect what they are going through. See also Are you overly sensitive?
  • 2) Your emotions became so intense: The stronger the emotions you experience the more likely they are going to show on your face. If something affected you strongly the people might easily be able to tell that something is wrong with you
  • 3) You are a kinesthetic person: According to NLP people could either be visual, auditory or kinesthetic people. kinesthetic people are overly emotional and their emotions can show on their faces very easily. See also The kinesthetic personality type
  • 4) Your behaviour changed: Sometimes it's not your face that reflects your emotions but it's your behavior. When people notice any changes in your behaviour , even on the unconscious level, they might tell you that you look sad or down. In such a case you might blame your face while in fact it might just be your behaviour
  • 5) You are a normal human: Emotions can be read from the face to a certain extent. There is a whole science that can actually help you read people's emotions through their faces. While some people are more readable than others still you can read most people's emotions with good accuracy

What to do about it

The important thing you need to do if your emotions show up on your face very easily is to develop more emotional control. After all if you were able to manage your emotions early on before they become very intense then probably they were not going to show on your face or at least you wouldn't have been that readable.

It's OK to get emotional sometimes, after all we are humans. However make sure that you don't get emotional to the extent that everyone around you knows what you are going through.

Yes of course sometimes you might want to share your feelings with others but this must only happen when you want it to happen and with the people you choose and not with everyone.

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