Why your life is intolerable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Life can get really bad

I get many messages from people who complain about the difficulty of their lives.
The one thing i never do when i respond to those people is blaming them.

After all no matter who you are life can become very tough all of a sudden
Unexpected things can happen
Serious problems can occur
And life can suddenly become intolerable.

So the first thing you need to understand about living a tough life is that you shouldn't blame yourself for it.
However the part you should blame yourself for is remaining in this tough life without changing it.

People sometimes tell me that their lives are too hard that they can't work anymore or take actions and in such a case i tell them that they are doing something wrong.

Why your life is intolerable

While you might not be responsible for what happened to you yesterday you are still very responsible for what will happen to you today and what will keep happening in the future.

So many people do the grave mistake of waiting for things to improve on their own in order to feel good.
But we all know that things never change on their own.

Things change when we change them.
Our lives improve when we take actions and not when we wait.

How many times you waited for things to change and they never did?
probably many times, right?

Simply because the right way to change your intolerable life is to take actions and not to wait for a random event to happen. See The ultimate solution to all of your problems

In other words your life is intolerable because you are doing nothing. It's intolerable because you are doing all of those mistakes together:

  • 1) You are waiting: What are you waiting for? Luck? Luck only serves those who work hard. No matter how long you wait things won't change until you make a change. See Does luck has anything to do with success
  • 2)You are doing nothing: If you did nothing then nothing will happen. Pretty fair, huh? How many times you complained that lie is unfair? So many times, right? But how do you want life to be fair where as you are expecting things to change without doing anything?. See is life really unfair
  • 3) You are leaving it to chance: By not taking any actions you are actually leaving your life to chance. Do you want to base your dreams on luck? And do you want to give up all the control you have of your life? I am pretty sure this is not what you want

I am not in the mood to take actions

One of the very common complains i get in similar emails is : I don't have any energy to take actions or to change things.

If you have the same complain then let me tell you that you got this part totally wrong.
In my book From 0 to 1 Million i said that to succeed in life you need to keep moving forward even if you don't feel like it.

Yes you need to move while you are feeling sad, bad, down, demotivated and even depressed.
The only way out of this is moving forward.

If you decided to wait for the good mood to move then you will have to answer the famous chicken and Egg question.
Will the good mood come first or will the actions bring the good mood?

Let me make it simpler for you.
The actions you are going to take, while you are feeling bad, are going to bring you results.
Those results are going to change your mood to the better.

That's how success works.

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