Why your self confidence levels change everyday

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why your self confidence levels change everyday

Did you notice that your self confidence levels change almost everyday?
I am pretty sure you noticed that on some days you feel more confident than on some other days.

Each time i talk about self confidence i say that it's all about a set of beliefs that you have about yourself. But if that's the case then how come the self confidence levels fluctuate from a day to another?

The short answer is : temporary belief changes or even permanent ones can happen from one day to the other. Let me first begin by giving a clear example that you would recognize.

How do you feel the second morning after a rejection?
You feel bad right?

This happened because you made some kind of conclusion after that rejection that changed your beliefs about yourself a little bit. As i said earlier each person sees the world differently but let's just assume that you believed that you got rejected because you are not good looking.

In such a case the belief that you are not good looking will get stronger and this is why you will feel bad. See Why do people see the world differently

How to feel confident after losing your confidence

But if that's the case then why the confidence levels of some people return back to normal after such rejections even though their beliefs changed?

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that the set of daily habits you develop, including your self talk, can either increase or decrease your self confidence.

This means that even though some people temporarily feel bad and lose their confidence shortly their healthy thinking patterns kick in and they end up feeling confident again.

Let me give you an example to make this clear. Let's suppose that a person got rejected and felt that he is worthless. If that person had healthy thinking habits then in the next morning he will automatically remind himself of his good traits, of his previous successes and of his true worth.

In such a case that person will manage to balance the effect of the loss of confidence that happened one day ago.

Develop healthy thinking habits

It's totally OK to lose some of your self confidence on a given day as long as you have the proper healthy habits that can help you restore your confidence again.

Here are examples of those healthy habits:

  • 1) Proper self talk: A proper self talk will allow you to cancel the effects of the bad situations you go through and will help you restore your confidence back to its normal levels. See Negative self talk
  • 2) Keeping a success journal: A success journal is a journal you should keep where you record your achievements, successes and everything that could make you feel better about yourself. Reading this journal regularly will help you maintain your self-confidence
  • 3) Fixing your perception: Once you learn how to fix your perception and see the world correctly many of the things that used to make you feel bad will stop bothering you. Sometimes we feel bad just because we see things the wrong way. See How incorrect perception affects self confidence

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