Worrying results from doubts about your problem solving skills

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Worrying and problem solving skills

Worrying is one of the most under researched topics on the internet. Try to search for a soloution to end worrying or an explanation for why worrying happens and you will probably get very disappointed with the results.

This is why i decided to start a series of articles to explain everything about worrying so that you can easily deal with this problem.

Now as the title of this article suggests worrying is directly connected to your faith in your problem solving skills. Let's suppose that you were walking alone in a dark street with a bag full of money.

Won't you worry about the possibility of encountering a thug?
Of course you will because if that happened then most probably you will lose your hard earned money.

Now what if you were a commando in the special forces, will your level of worrying be the same?
Of course that won't happen because in such a case you will have faith that you can handle that worst case well even if it happened.

In a previous article about worrying i said that once you believe you are prepared to face the worst case then worrying will hardly happen.

The reason we worry however is that we are either not ready to face the worst case or we are either unsure of our abilities and problem solving skills when it comes to a specific area of our lives.

Why your mind becomes a worrying machine

If your subconscious mind thinks that you don't have the right skills to solve a problem , if it happened, then it makes a lot of sense that it gets worried about the possibility that this problem happens.

In other words your mind worries because it knows that if that thing happened you will become helpless and emotionally devastated.

Had your mind believed that you have the right skills to deal with that problem or had it believed that you have got the emotional tolerance to deal with that problem then it wouldn't have made you worry.

In simple words your mind is concerned about that matter because it knows that you won't be able to handle it. So worrying in such a case is just a warning message from your mind asking you to do something about it. See The real reasons behind worrying

Now try to think of the silly advice everyone gives when it comes to dealing with worrying such as 'learn to embrace uncertainty' and you will realize that this makes no sense at all.

Your mind is very concerned about a bad thing that might happen and yet you are trying to convince it to accept any possible outcome, how can that ever happen?

Get prepared

One of the best things you can do to end worrying is to work on your skills until you believe you are prepared to face that worst case if it ever happened. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that once your mind believes that you are capable of handling something then it will make you feel confident.

you might wonder how can you get yourself prepared in situations where you have no control but the point here is that you can get yourself emotionally prepared so that this same thing that used to affect you starts having less effect on you.

If for example you worry a lot about being forced to breakup then just work on making yourself resistant to breakups and you will stop worrying about breaks again.

In short get yourself prepared and you will hardly worry again.

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