Your face can tell what you have been through

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How life experiences change the shape of your face

When i talked about face reading before i said that your face can tell a lot about your personality and behaviour.

But do you know that your face can also tell people what you have been through?
For the first instance this concept might sound like it doesn't make any sense but when you know how certain experiences affect your facial muscles you will find that this concept is pretty logical.

Your face is full of different muscles that are used to express certain emotions and give different facial expressions. It was found that when you use the same muscles over and over a permanent change might happen to your resting face.

In other words your supposedly expressionless resting face can change its looks to take a new shape that reflects some of the experiences you have been through. See also How depression changes your looks.

Your face can tell what you have been through

If you have been through very sad life experiences that affected you strongly then your resting face might reflect sadness. In one study it was shown that you can tell about a person's social status from their face.

The study had nothing to do with color or race but it was all about showing that rich people had a different resting facial expression than poor people. See How your beliefs affect your looks.

Because poor people usually go through more bad experiences than rich ones their faces end up reflecting their state of poverty. According to the study a poor person is more likely to have a resting face that looks sad than a rich person. See also Why narcissists look so good and young.

In face reading the lines on the side of the nose reaching down to the mouth are called grief lines. While most people develop grief lines as they age still the early development of those lines might indicate that the person has been through very sad experiences. See also Face Reading (personology): Facial Lines.

If a person has been through many experiences that made them feel very angry and if they always responded with anger then their faces will reflect that state of anger as well. See 5 Reasons an Angry Face Makes a Man More Attractive to Women

Important considerations

People usually get face reading wrong because they try to apply it the same way they apply mathematics.Face reading is not a science where 1 plus 1 equals 2 because there are also many other variables involved.

For example a man's resting face might look angry by nature because of having higher than usual levels of testosterone. In such a case you can't tell that this man has been through devastating experiences that made them react with anger. See also Does having low testosterone make you less of a man.

In other words when using face reading make sure you look at the full picture before making a conclusion and not just a separate element. If you did so you will get very correct readings.

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