Can a narcissist fall in love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I was a Narcissist

In my previous article How i got over narcissism i explained how i was a Narcissist for a very long period of time before i managed to get over that disorder.

People keep making wrong assumptions about Narcissists simply because they never had the chance to see through their eyes or to live inside their minds. Because i had this chance for more than a decade i can confidently tell you that Narcissists can fall in love just like any other person but it's just the fact that their love is a bit different that confuses people.

Can a Narcissist fall in love

Yes Narcissists can fall in love.

So many people mistakenly answer this question incorrectly because they assume that Narcissists can't give, only love themselves and a as result they can't love anyone.

The part that confuses people in here in here is they just don't get how different the love of a Narcissist is.
People just assume that there is one type of love and this is why they fail to understand the love of a Narcissist.

Here are some points that will make this very clear:

  • 1) Narcissists love you because they love themselves: Narcissists do fall in love when they believe they have found a catch that they deserve to get. Because Narcissists have very big egos they believe that they deserve to be with someone who is very valuable according to their own calculations. In other words if a Narcissist loved you then this means that they found you extremely valuable. The trick here is that they love you because they love themselves. By believing that they are providing themselves with what they deserve Narcissists can become extremely attached to a person. See How to make a narcissist want you & Why some women want trophy husbands
  • 2) Narcissistic love is usually materialistic: Narcissistic love is usually very materialistic. If you are popular, very beautiful, extremely successful or at least valuable according to the Narcissistic point of view then the Narcissist might fall in love with you. Just like anybody else Narcissists experience feelings of love in a very normal way. The only difference between the love of a Narcissist and a normal person is their reasons. See Why are Narcissists obsessed with money
  • 3) Narcissists love you because you improve their image: A Narcissist can fall in love with you deeply just because you can help them project the image of superiority they love to project. If people consider you a catch then for a Narcissist you are a great way towards fortifying their image of superiority. In that case a Narcissist will love you to improve their own image and to gain more prestige. See Signs of narcissism - how to spot a narcissist

Can a narcissist fall in love permanently

While Narcissists can certainly fall in love, at least according to their own reasons, still the problem is keeping them interested permanently.

Some Narcissists are highly ethical and so they will hardly leave you without a good reason while some others won't have any ethics.

To keep both kinds of Narcissists interested you have to make sure that you are still helping them satisfy the needs that got them with you in a relationship in the first place.

Let yourself go, become less competent or become less valuable and you will be at risk since the unethical Narcissist might leave you for someone who seems better according to their own calculations. See Why are narcissists so dangerous.

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