can someone live alone and be happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can we survive alone?

Many people have built walls around their lives in order to prevent themselves from interacting with others. Many people try to socially isolate themselves, for various different reasons, then wonder whether this behaviour has any bad effect on their well being.

In my previous article Why do people join groups i said that we humans are social beings. Even if some of us claimed that they can survive alone they will still feel a great deal of emptiness once they isolate themselves.

The desire to connect with other humans is a basic human need that no one can survive without satisfying. If a person decided not to satisfy this important social need then they will end up being totally unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

When i talked about happiness before i said that it's all about satisfying the important unmet needs that we have.

Some people have specific unmet needs that are directly connected to their private belief system. But in addition to those needs there are global needs that each single human has even if they claimed that they don't have them and just as you might have already guessed one of those needs is the need for intimacy and social connections. See also How to develop intimacy in a relationship

Why some people claim they are happy alone

All of the people who live in social isolation , without any exceptions, are actually covering up a bigger problem that they can't handle. This problem could be anything including:

  • Fear of other people
  • Having serious trust issues
  • Suffering from serious anxieties
  • Having poor social skills
  • Having very low self esteem

In other words some people consciously isolate themselves while claiming that they are happy that way just because their subconscious minds wants them to run away from a bigger problem.

Those people do not lie when they say that they prefer to be alone because they are truly not aware of their subconscious goals. See also What are the subconscious goals and how they affect your life.

And while those people certainly feel bad as a result of having no social life they still get a feeling of relief as a result of evading the things that they are too afraid to face.

can someone live alone and be happy

So back to our basic question
Can Someone live alone and be happy?

The answer is no. Even if you believed that you are happier you will sooner or later start experiencing the horrible emotions associated with social isolation such as loneliness, emptiness, depression and many other bad emotions.

You were designed not to survive alone and this is why going against your basic need of social intimacy can make you feel really bad. You must be aware that i am not talking about physical survival in here but i am talking about emotional survival.

Without a proper level of intimacy in your life at least with one person your life can become truly miserable without you even becoming aware of the real reason behind it.

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