How feelings of entitlement can ruin your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with feelings of entitlement

Some people believe that they are destined for glorious lives by right. Those are not confident people for confident ones usually have faith in their abilities or skills but also have realistic expectations. People with feelings of entitlement believe that they deserve the best of everything just because of who they are. See also What causes feelings of entitlement.

For the first instance a sense of entitlement might seem like a good thing for it can motivate a person to succeed. However the problem is that the person who has this feeling will always expect the best to happen to them and as a result they are more likely to get disappointed than anybody else.

If you only expect good things to happen to you and if you expect a special type of a treatment from everybody then you are very likely to get disappointed when bad things happen.

The higher a person's expectations about something the more disappointed they get when this thing doesn't happen. Those who have a sense of entitlement might suffer the most when they don't get what they are after. Right after a breakup for example that person might suffer a lot because of the assumption that they had that they should always be given special treatment. See 10 Ways to get over breakups fast.

Entitlement & Severe depression

People who have a sense of entitlement are prone to severe depression.
Most of the emotions we experience in life are directly related to how we make sense of the events we encounter at life. Our perception, our beliefs and the conclusions we make about certain events are among the factors that affect our emotions the most. See How your perception affects your happiness levels.

For a person with a sense of entitlement great things must always keep happening else they will strong emotional responses. If that person went through a normal failure that another person goes through then they might be devastated.

For that person failure might not be acceptable simply because they assume that they are not like anybody else. This false sense of superiority makes that person extremely vulnerable to serious emotional attacks when life goes in the wrong direction.

This is also the same reason why those people might respond harshly to rejections; just like Narcissists. Because that might person believes that they require special treatment ,because they think they deserve it, they can become overly sensitive when dealing with people.

As soon as this person feels that they were mistreated they can become very aggressive and vengeful just like Narcissists. See Why do narcissists get depressed.

Confidence is good but entitlement is really bad

Self confidence is a very good trait because it can help you succeed. A sense of entitlement on the other hand is a destructive force that might sooner or later destroy your life.

Self confidence is based on rational expectations where a person believes in themselves but also understands that they are still subject to life problems just like anybody else.

A sense of entitlement on the other hand is an exaggerated and unrealistic feeling of confidence that leaves the person totally clueless and emotionally devastated when things go wrong.

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