How reading can hypnotize your mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Words can affect our minds greatly

One day i was reading articles about certain kind of sickness that affects cats then i noticed that my mood changed. Because i am the kind of person who always watches his mood i notice most of the slight changes that happen to my emotions.

On that moment my mood didn't just change to the worse but i also noticed i felt a little sick. On a different day i was reading about life in prison and i suddenly realized that i am feeling trapped and suffocated.

Had my observations didn't match many of the existing scientific cases about how words change people's emotions i would have assumed that it's an individual case.

Words do affect us in a more powerful way than you can imagine. A single word can change your mood and state of mind for a certain period of time. And if one word can do this then what about the effect hundreds of words can have on you?

In a previous article with the title how words can change your brain and life i explained how one experiment showed that getting exposed to certain words can actually force us to get into certain states of mind.

How reading can hypnotize your mind

But if one single word ,or a combination of words, can change our emotions then what would the effect of getting exposed to so many words be?

When we read certain words our brains start recalling all of the emotions and situations associated with those words. Those emotions and situations quickly change our current moods and program our minds to move to a different state.

In addition to that the more descriptive that thing you are reading about is the more will your mind be able to visualize it well and thus make you feel like you are experiencing it. This is why in the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that the right choice of words can actually help you program the mind of a person with the least effort.

The human brain is a powerful computer that can access a very wide range of emotions and mental states. As soon as a word provides a trigger or a starting point then shortly the mind can move to a totally different mood. See The psychology of words.

Of course not all people get affected the same way by words. But since reading involves getting exposed to so many different words that work together to put the mind in a certain state shortly the mental state of the person who reads will be changed.

Be careful what you get exposed to

Those facts should motivate you to be very careful when you interact with others or with the world. Most of us don't notice the subtle changes that happen to our moods as a result of similar events. But when those subtle changes combine together we suddenly experience a serious mood shift that we fail to understand. See causes of mood swings.

The words you hear, the people you talk to, the movies you watch, the books you read and everything else that contains words can actually program your mind and affect your mood greatly.

In many cases it might not be possible to select the words you get exposed to but still in some other cases you might be able to chose the kind of content you get exposed to.

Watch out what you get exposed to in order to live a better life.

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