How to predict depression before it happens

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What depression really is

"In 2 years you will have a serious depression if you did not do so and so now"

That was a real statement that i said to someone 2 years ago. The person didn't do what i told them to do and right now they are severely depressed.

Yes i predicted the depression 2 years before it happened and you can also do the same.
Many psychologists these days consider depression some kind of madness. When a person gets depressed they treat them as if they are crazy people who shouldn't be feeling this way.

This is why almost every psychologist you will see will try to remove the depression itself instead of giving you any real soloution to the life problems that caused the depression.

While the psychologist won't say it directly they will actually imply indirectly that you are sick and that you need medication.

The one thing so many people fail to understand is that depression is a normal response to certain events in life. If you wanted to be a famous actor then ended up being a bank teller then probably you will get depressed.

It's not that being a bank teller is a bad job but it's just that your own psychological goals require you to be famous and recognized for you to be happy. What are the subconscious goals and how they affect your life.

Now when you respond by ignoring your dreams and by moving in a path that goes against your core needs then your mind will always respond back with depression.

Depression in such a case is a reminder from your mind that you are moving in the wrong direction.
You are not sick, you just have a very important dream.
And you are doing nothing about it. See Why your depression is not going away

How to predict depression before it happens

So can depression be predicted before it happens?
Of course. First of all you need to understand the person you are concerned about very well. And when i say understand the person i refer to knowing their Unmet needs psychologypsychological needs, important goals and life dreams.

Once you know those things about a person you just need to find out whether they are moving in a direction that can really help them reach their goals or not.

If the person was not moving in the right direction then depression is going to happen as soon as the person feels they are running out of time.

If the person wanted to be an actor but believed that an actor must be well known before the age of 35 in order to have a good career, then at the age of 35 this person will get severely depressed if they didn't make a serious progress in the acting career. See also Why so many entrepreneurs get depressed.

But the interesting question in here is: why did this person get depressed at the age of 35 and not 45?
The answer lies in the beliefs of that person.

If this person believed that they have until the age of 45 to become famous then probably depression won't visit them before the age of 45.

In such a case by the age of 43 the person might start to get seriously depressed if they believed that there is no hope in becoming famous. This is also another reason why people get depressed as they age.

As people age many of them realize that their important dreams are not coming true and so they get depressed. See 5 Reasons people get depressed by the age of 25 & Why do people get depressed as they age.

Are you listening to your needs?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that the ultimate solution to ending depression is to provide yourself with hope that you can still achieve your important goals and satisfy your important needs.

Do anything else and you will remain depressed for as long as you live.
People will try to make you think that you are crazy.
They will try to convince you that your brain is not functioning well.

While in fact your brain is just complaining to you, using depression, because you are not bringing it what it really wants.

That's depression my friend.
Everything else you have been told is total nonsense.

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