How to sleep well if you have a sensitive nervous system

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When sensitive people might fail to sleep

In many phases of my life I've had problems sleeping at night. The problems weren't related to any kind of mood changes and this puzzled me for long. After all, if i was experiencing intense emotions at night then i wouldn't have wondered why i couldn't sleep but the fact that i wasn't able to sleep well even though i was feeling good troubled me for a long period of time.

After lot's of research i realized that a person who has a sensitive nervous system , like me, can be very easily stimulated by the normal daily activities in such a way that sleeping at night might become very hard.

In my previous article how to survive in a rough world with a sensitive nervous system i said that you need to take special care of yourself if you already have a sensitive nervous system.

First of all here is how to know whether you are a sensitive person or not.

How can a sensitive person sleep well

The main point you need to put in mind in here is that as long as you stimulate your overly sensitive nervous system you might have problems falling asleep even if you stimulated it in a positive way. Let's see how this happens.

  • 1) No electronic devices at night: Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets can overstimulate your already sensitive nervous system and can prevent you from sleeping. Avoid using those devices at least 2 hours before you get to sleep. I know this can be hard to do but you can use that time to read instead or to do other meaningful things.
  • 2) No exercising at night: This sounds strange i know. Intense exercises can activate your body and keep it active for hours. This can over stimulate your nervous system and prevent you from sleeping. To avoid that exercise early in the morning. If you want to do something at night then just walk. Walking can help you sleep easier.
  • 3) No caffeine after 1 pm: You might be already used to caffeine and in such a case you can ignore that advice. If however you have problems sleeping then it makes a lot of sense to stop caffeine after 1 pm and see if it will affect you. In many cases a person might find that the over stimulation resulting from caffeine was the reason he can't sleep. See How to give up coffee addiction
  • 4) Don't over excite yourself at night: Avoid all activities that can over excite you at night such as playing fast-paced games for example. When your sensitive nervous system gets excited you might need few hours before you can reach a state that allows you to sleep well. It's important to note that even pleasant activities can lead to over-excitement that can make sleeping hard
  • 5) Get prepared to sleep: In order to sleep well you need to put yourself in a certain mood at least one hour before sleeping. This can happen by dimming the lighting in your room, grabbing a good book or trying any relaxation technique.

Final words

I know this sounds like hard work but probably you know very well how it feels like when you wake up after having a bad night sleep. Not only you will feel tired and exhausted but you will also become more sensitive to life problems and emotional pain.

This is why sleeping well is a crucial activity for your well being that deserves taking all the actions to ensure that it happens.

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