How your choices can make you stressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Stress can be a choice

Sounds strange right?
How can stress be a choice?
And how can a person choose to experience a bad emotion such as a stress?

I am pretty sure we both agree that no one wants to get stressed. After all a little amount of stress can actually ruin the day and make people unhappy.

But here is the interesting part. Some people don't set avoiding stress as a priority and so they take many decisions that actually make them more stressed. Why do i get stressed so easily.

The decisions we make every single day are based on our priorities in life and if avoiding stress isn't a primary priority then we will take too many decisions that will promote stress.

You might be thinking that few people actually does that but the truth is that most people choose to get stressed because they don't sort their priorities correctly. See also What causes stress.

Here is a very popular example that will make this concept clearer. Let's suppose that a person knows that they need about 25 minutes in order to dress up and get ready. In such a case that person must never give an appointment before making sure that they have more than enough time to get ready.

Now what most people do is that they give appointments then keep running to show up on time and this causes a lot of stress. Those people certainly had different priorities than avoiding stress and this is why they agreed on something that can certainly make them stressed.

How your choices can make you stressed

Here are some examples that will make the concept clearer:

  • 1) Waking up late: If you know that you have certain tasks that must be completed on a certain time yet you woke up late then you will certainly end up feeling stressed. Providing yourself with less than enough time to complete the important tasks you have to complete is certainly going to make you feel very stressed. See also Why i can't wake up in the morning
  • 2) Accepting tasks while you are short on time: In so many cases we accept certain tasks even though we are 100% sure that we don't have enough time to do them. And even if you barely have enough time that would still make you very stressed since you would be racing with time. In order for you to avoid stress you need to make sure that you have more than enough time to complete your important tasks. See also Why multitasking always leads to stress.
  • 3) Accepting a hectic lifestyle: Most people don't even consider avoiding stress when they choose their jobs, careers or education. Of course life involves a certain amount of stress and you can't avoid stress for good but you must also consider reducing the amount of stress you might get subjected to when making your choices. See 7 steps to reduce work stress instantly

Choose to avoid stress

Don't get this article wrong. This is not an invitation for laziness or avoiding work but it's just an invitation to avoid stress whenever you can.

Yes sometimes stress might not be avoidable but in many cases we are the ones who stress ourselves out by choosing a stressful life style.

Whenever you make a choice you will find yourself weighting many factors together. If avoiding stress is not one of those factors then certainly you are doing it wrong.

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