The causes of the fear of taking responsibility

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The direct and the indirect fear of taking responsibility

Many people are too afraid of taking responsibility and they admit it directly. This is usually less of a serious case because once the person is encouraged properly they can get over that type of fear.

The more serious type of fear of responsibility is the unconscious fear where a person avoids responsibility at all costs without realizing they are doing so. In my previous article Why lack of courage causes most psychological disorders i said that once the person becomes too afraid to face something their subconscious mind can take over and cause some psychological disorders.

A person for example can get a panic attack whenever they unconsciously realize they are about to take responsibility. In my previous article Why do you get panic attacks out of nowhere i said that panic attacks and many other psychological disorders can in many cases be nothing more than an indirect expression of a problem that couldn't be handled consciously.

The causes of the fear of taking responsibility

So why do some people fear taking responsibility?
Here are some possible reasons:

  • 1) Fear of making mistakes: The fear of taking responsibility is tightly connected to the fear of making mistakes. Once a person becomes too afraid to make a mistake they might try to avoid responsibility all together. See overcoming the fear of making mistakes
  • 2) Fear of failure: So many people are afraid to fail that they decide not to try to achieve their goals. Those people might believe that's it's better for them not to succeed than to try and fail. See How to get over fear of failure
  • 3) Low self esteem: In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that once a person develops low self esteem they might assume that they will mess things up. When a person becomes sure they will make mistakes they might avoid the responsibility all together
  • 4) Fear of repeating the past: Some people develop the fear of taking responsibility after going through a bad experience that happened when they were in charge. If a person made a serious accident while driving and as a result injured someone else they might develop the fear of taking responsibility. See why some people fear driving cars
  • 5) Fear of competition: Some people fear taking responsibility not to end up doing worse than their competitors. If one kid had a sibling who always did better than them then this kid might develop the fear of taking responsibility just not to end up losing to their sibling.
  • 6) Low tolerance to negative emotions: Some people are afraid to take responsibility because they have low tolerance to negative emotions. If a person is unable to handle the emotional pressure that comes with responsibility then they might develop a fear of taking responsibility. See How emotional sensitivity leads to psychological disorders
  • 7) Lack of courage: Lack of courage and the desire to remain in the comfort zone can make people fear taking responsibility.

Why you should take responsibility

I totally understand that you might have fears and concerns regarding taking responsibility but let me tell you something logical. The amount of emotional pain you will experience when your life goes out of control and when you fail to achieve your goals will be much bigger than any amount of pain you were trying to avoid when you evaded responsibility.

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