What does taking too many selfies mean

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Selfies are linked to mental disorders

We all take selfies sometimes but some people seem to be overly obsessed with them.
Those people might take so many selfies then bombard their friends with them on social media.

Many studies have shown that there are links between various mental disorders and the excessive taking of selfies. For the first instance this might seem like a strange connection but in this article i will explain to you why this is true.

Taking many selfies might mean that you are a loner

The difference between taking a normal picture and a selfie is that in the later the person takes the picture for themselves while making sure that it looks the way they want.

For the first instance this might seem like a normal action. After all most people want to look good in their own pictures, so what's the problem with doing that?

The first problem with selfies is that they might mean that the person is a loner.

If a person takes too many selfies then it might mean that they are usually alone when taking pictures. Healthy individuals take pictures to remember the good moments they spend with others but if the person always takes selfies then it might mean that the person has a problematic social life. And this is exactly what some studies have shown about people who take excessive selfies. See Why some people have no friends

Narcissists might take many selfies

Narcissists have a very big ego. This ego forces the Narcissist to project some kind of a grandiose image to others and to do their best to protect it. In order for Narcissists to keep up with their own exaggerated standards they have to post flawless and perfect pictures of themselves. See Why narcissists look so good and young.

Selfies appeal a lot to Narcissists because of two reasons. The first is that they allow them to control how the image looks like and so project the public image they want. And the second is that the selfie makes them the primary focus of the picture and this feeds their desire to feel special. See How to spot a narcissist on social media.

Selfie takers might have body image issues

Some people have doubts about their own looks. Those people might think that they are ugly even though they are good looking. Studies have linked excessive selfie taking with body image disorders.

When the person becomes doubtful of their own looks they might start taking many selfies in order to find the perfect shot that makes them look better. See 5 reasons A Mirror Can't Really Tell You How You Look

Attention and Approval seeking

Some studies have linked the excessive taking of selfies with attention and approval seeking. The person who takes many selfies might be insecure about their own likability and so they might engage into photo taking in order to get some kind of approval from others. See How striving for social approval affects self confidence

The more frequently a person takes and posts selfies online the more likely they are to be suffering from those various disorders or at least some of them. See also Attention seeking behaviour in adults

And to answer the question directly, yes taking so many selfies is a sign of being mentally unhealthy.

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