What turns men off physically

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What attracts men to women

When it comes to sexual attraction men are much simpler to understand than women. Men get attracted to healthy women who are more likely to be fertile. The way the male brain was designed insures that the man will always get attracted to a woman who has a high chance of getting pregnant.

Of course this happens on the unconscious level and so most men won't really realize that those are the things that attract them to women. In my previous articles Why men like women with an hourglass figure & 9 things that make a woman's face attractive to men i said that signs of youth and fertility attract men the most.

Full lips, an hour glass body shape, full breasts and large eyes are all signs that signal youth and fertility to men. That woman you find extremely attractive is probably a woman who has a high chance of getting pregnant.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and so some men might get attracted to different types of women. What this article will discuss is how the typical man thinks. See also What attracts men (the psychology of attraction of males)

What turns men off physically

  • 1) Signs of aging: White hair, sagging skin, wrinkles and other sign of aging are probably going to turn the typical man off. This doesn't mean that a man can't like an older woman but it just means that the typical man is going to find the younger woman more attractive. See also Why do some men prefer older women & Does grey hair make Men attractive
  • 2) Signs of poor health: Men get attracted to healthy women because they have high chance of getting pregnant. A high waist-to-hip-ratio, a very large body and a face that is highly unsymmetrical are all signs of poor health. Men get attracted to women who seem healthy and get turned off by those who seem like they have health problems. See Why symmetrical faces are attractive
  • 3) Women with Masculine faces: Men are generally turned off by women who have highly masculine faces. Large jaws, broad faces, dense facial hair, small eyes and angry looking faces are all signs of high testosterone. The typical man prefers a woman who looks more feminine over a woman who looks more masculine. See How to tell if someone has high Testosterone from their face
  • 4) Bodies that are not proportionate: One of the signs of femininity is having a proportional body. Very large bodies, bodies that are out of proportion, bodies with high bone density and those with excess fats might make a woman seem less feminine and unhealthy. See how men and women perceive attractiveness

There are exceptions

The very important thing you need to understand about the psychology of attraction is that there are so many variables that govern the attraction process.

A man for example could not like one physical feature of a woman yet he might still find her very attractive because of the other factors involved. Also the way some men are raised and the beliefs they develop might result in changing their tastes completely.

When it comes to attraction forget about general rules and try to understand the specific case you are dealing with in order to attract the person to you. Once you know exactly the needs of the person you are dealing with you can then change your strategies accordingly to attract that person to you.

And this is exactly what my book How to make someone fall in love with you will help you do.

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