When you should do a career change

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I changed my Career many times

I have personally changed my career more than once in the last 2 decades and each time i did that decision i ended up becoming more successful.

Sometimes the only way to achieve what you want in life or to make your dreams come true is to change your career and do something very different from what you are doing.

In 1999 i wanted to become an architect and i joined engineering college for that reason but shortly i realized that i cannot meet my ambition through that field and so i changed my major to computer science. Few years later i realized that it's much better for me to develop a personal development/psychology career and so i took the step.

I do not want you to do a career change just for the sake of a career change but i want you to learn about the right reasons that should motivate you to take that step. This is why in this article i will tell you when you should do a career change.

When you should do a career change

Here are the situations where a career change must be done:

  • 1) The current career can't help you reach your potential: If your current career does not allow you to reach your potential or if you believe that there is no way to achieve your goals through this career then a career change is a must. When i realized that my day job as a computer engineer would never allow me to become rich i just took the step to change my career.
  • 2) The current working conditions is intolerable: Success is not just about money or fame but it's also about living a comfortable live style. If your career is extremely stressful then your life won't be happy even if you are successful. When i decided to move to a dot com career one of my main purposes was living a comfortable life style and this is why i dropped my very frustrating career.
  • 3) You have reached a blocked road: Success does not happen from the first attempt and i am pretty sure you know that you have to keep trying many times before you become successful. However sometimes you might try to do every possible thing in a specific career yet not get the desired results. In such a case there is no problem at all in changing this career.
  • 4) You have reached the career's potentials: Some careers have limited potential. Once you reach that level there will be no more room for growing for you. If you have reached your career's potential yet didn't reach your goals yet then certainly you need to do a career change. See also 7 signs it's time to leave your job.

When you shouldn't do a career change

You shouldn't do a career change just because you are bored or because you have tried few times and failed. Some people get career change totally wrong and try to change their careers every few month just because they don't really know what they want in life.

The first step you should take before even choosing a career is writing down your major objective. Is it money? fame? or any other kind of success?

Once you know exactly what you want you need to choose a career that allows you to get it. If you found that this career can't allow you to reach that objective , for any reason, then know that it's the time to change this career.

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