Why do i get bad thoughts while exercising

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we get bad emotions?

Exercising should improve the mood.
Everyone told you that.

So why do you sometimes get negative thoughts as soon as you try to work out or exercise?
Why do you get worried the moment you get inside the gym?
Why all negative thoughts come to your brain the moment you start running?

In order for you to understand this phenomena you first need to understand where negative thoughts come from. Negative thoughts come from the unsolved problems that we have. If you can't pay your bills then probably you will keep getting negative thoughts about that matter every now and then.

In my article The reason your emotions keep changing all the time i said that those emotions are there to remind you of the problems you have. In other words those emotions are actually constructive and not destructive.

But the question that still needs an answer is, why do you get those thoughts the moment you start exercising?

Why do i get bad thoughts while exercising

Your brain was designed to help you achieve your maximum potential. It has alarm systems that fire when things go wrong so that it helps you take the proper decisions.

When you have an unsolved problem your subconscious mind will try to remind you of this problem over and over until you respond back with a soloution or a plan that your subconscious mind trusts. Both kinds of responses are going to help you feel much better since the bad emotion will no longer be needed.

Now when the majority of people does to their emotional problems is that they try to run from them, avoid them, distract themselves from them or even deny their existence.

In my article Why keeping yourself busy when facing a problem never works i said that the more you try to run away from a problem the stronger will be the reminder coming from your subconscious mind about it.

Now because you were distracting yourself most of the day the subconscious mind finds a great opportunity to remind you of those problems as soon as you try to exercise.

While exercising your brain will usually be free. You are not working, you are not watching a movie and you are not distracting your brain from anything and this is why it seems like a perfect moment for your subconscious mind to remind you of your unsolved problems.

This is also the same reason why you get bad thoughts as soon as you try to sleep at night. See also 4 Reasons you get negative thoughts at night.

Why those negative thoughts are haunting you

Those negative thoughts haunt while you exercise because you have been running from them throughout the day. A coaching client once asked me how to push away those negative thoughts while exercising.

I told that client that you can't just push away those thoughts because they will keep coming again and again in different forms. The right way to end those negative thoughts for good is to solve the underlying problems or work on a plan that can one day help you solve them.

Do anything else and those thoughts will become more intense, they will visit you more frequently and they will hardly leave you alone.

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