Why do people let themselves go

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What happened to them?

I am pretty sure you have seen someone before who was very keen about being in shape and then suddenly they started to let go of themselves.

Letting go of oneself is complex matter that could happen for various reasons. One popular reason for letting oneself go is achieving a certain objective such as getting married or being in a relationship.

But this reason only provides a shallow explanation for the true complex changes that might be happening inside the mind of the person who decided to let themselves go. In this article i will tell you exactly why would someone lose hope all of a sudden about staying in shape.

Why would a person let themselves go?

  • 1) It's one form of giving up: Letting oneself go can be one form of giving up. When a person loses hope in getting something that truly matters or when a person loses hope on life itself they might just stop caring about themselves. In such a case the person gives up on their exercising habits, healthy eating and the lift style that helped them have a good body shape. See also indifference and loss of hope
  • 2) It's a sign of depression: When a person gets depressed they might lose interest in many of the things they used to care about. A depressed person believes that life is no longer worth fighting for and so they might let themselves go. In my previous article Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed i said that once a person gets depressed they simply stop caring about anything in their lives but the one thing that caused the depression in the first place. See also How depression changes your looks
  • 3) It's a sign of low self discipline: self discipline is the ability to control short term desires for the sake of achieving long term goals. Contrary to common beliefs self discipline can become weaker or stronger depending on how the person is exercising it. When a person's self discipline becomes weak then the person is more likely to let themselves go. self discipline can weaken as a result of bad moods, depression, loss of hope and self esteem problems
  • 4) It's a sign that life has lost its meaning: When a person is full of hope and energy they are more likely to take care of themselves. When that same person loses hope or interest in life then they might let themselves go just because they believe that everything they do has became meaningless. In such a case this is a serious sign of loss of interest in life itself. How your beliefs affect your looks

How to help that person

This person who has let go of themselves is probably in serious need of help. This person needs someone to understand them and to help them find back the hope that they lost.

This person needs someone to show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that hope is still there. If i was to summarize the things you should do to help that person in one advice i would say give them hope.

Let them realize that the fight is still not over and that there is still so much that they can do. Once a person believes that there is hope they will start to care about themselves more and this will get reflected in their body shape.

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