Why do people like pokemon - Psychological analysis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's so special about Pokemon?

Why do people like pokemon?
What's so appealing about strange creatures that a person can collect?
I am not just referring to the Pokemon Go game but i am referring to the whole franchise which has brought billions in profit.

In order to understand the mysterious popularity of Pokemon we need to examine the elements that led to its success in more detail. In my previous article 7 psychological reasons cats are so popular on the internet i said that the cuteness of cats is one of the factors that make them popular among humans.

We humans were designed to sympathize with tiny creatures that have faces that resemble little babies. This is also one reason why people love pet dogs and why children love small cute characters.

Many of the Pokemon characters , at least the good ones, have cute faces that resemble those of babies. When we humans see such faces we unconsciously feel like we must love and protect those small things.

The love for cuteness isn't just an add on but it's something that is hard wired in our brains as humans.

Nostalgia and the popularity of pokemon

When i talked about Nostalgia earlier i said that we tend to love the things that remind us of our good past especially if we were going through a hard time.

There is a universal agreement that life gets tougher as a person grows up. After all a child has much less responsibility than an adult. As the adult sees something that reminds him of his relatively peaceful childhood he gets nostalgic.

Pokemon was around since decades and this made the power of nostalgia very strong especially that so many grown ups grew around them. Watching Pokemon or playing a pokemon game isn't just about the game but its all about attempting to bring back the good memories and the good life a person used to live.

Pokemon is multi-gender

A person will always want to identify with the characters of the show he is watching or the game he is playing. Generally males identify with male characters while females identify with female characters. See why do movies make us cry

The Pokemon characters were designed in such a smart way that they appeal to both genders. Because the Gender of Pokemon is not known the Show and the game appealed to both males and females.

In addition to that the show and the game have both male and female Heroes and this made it easier for people to identify with them.

Controversy leads to popularity

When a product becomes very controversial it becomes very popular. The debate that takes place between people ,especially on social media, can strongly push the popularity of something.

The Da vinci code book for example sold so many copies because it was very controversial. When Pokemon Go was released the internet divided into two. People playing Pokemon Go and others making fun of them.

And as if all of this controversy was not enough some people went far by claiming that the game is a spying tool. In addition to that some religious scholars went to say that the Pokemon game is bad because it supports the theory of evolution.

All of this kind of controversy lead to an intense popularity of the Game and the brand which was already popular.

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