Why Narcissists hate you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am the King

When it comes to human communication there is no one-size-fits-all soloution. Before you can communicate successfully with a person you need to understand how they think, what their beliefs are and what psychological disorders they have.

Narcissists are special types of people because they have a way of thinking that is very different from the way of thinking of normal people. A part of the the Narcissist believes that they are kings and queens who should be treated with a lot of respect. See How a Narcissist thinks.

And because Narcissists see the world from a certain angle it's very easy for them to hate you if you didn't comply with their rules or meet their expectations.

Why Narcissists hate you

Here is why a Narcissist could be hating you:

  • 1) You criticized them in public: Criticize a Narcissist and they will dislike you, do it in public and they will certainly hate you. Criticism destroys the glorious image Narcissists try to maintain of themselves. This is why Narcissists consider criticism an ultimate form of attack on their egos. See How to control a Narcissist
  • 2) You rejected them: For a Narcissist rejection isn't just about refusing to get into a relationship with them but it's any kind of action that any person does that doesn't acknowledge their superior identity. unfollowing them on social apps or not telling them happy birthday are among the actions that a Narcissist might consider rejection. And yes, they can hate you for that. See Ignoring a narcissist
  • 3) You gave them advice the wrong way: Narcissists don't mind listening to advice but if you did that the wrong way then they will hate you for it. If you implied directly or indirectly that the Narcissist doesn't know how to handle something then they might hate you for it. See How to deal with a narcissistic person in a relationship
  • 4) You disrespected them: Narcissists have a very large ego. This makes them exceptionally sensitive to sarcasm, jokes, comments that have two meanings or anything that could be considered a form of disrespect according to their own standards. Narcissists consider themselves royalty members and so they expect everyone to respect them and praise them. See Signs of narcissism - how to spot a narcissist
  • 5) You didn't give them attention: If you treated a Narcissist like an ordinary person then they will certainly dislike you for it. Narcissists do their best to make people think that they are special. If you didn't make a Narcissist feel special then you are attacking their main identity directly. See Why do narcissists like Instragram
  • 6) They are jealous of you: Narcissists can't stand defeat even when mentally comparing themselves to others. A typical Narcissist can thus hate you if they felt that you are better than them in any possible way. Now if you said that directly to them you will make this hatred even more intense. See Understanding jealousy in men and women
  • 7) You challenged their authority: Narcissists always think that they are an ultimate form of authority. If you challenged their authority the wrong way then they might hate you for it. This includes constructive criticism, debating with them and even disagreeing with them

How to get along with a Narcissist

If you do care a lot about that Narcissist then don't worry because keeping them on your side is simple. Respect them, glorify them, agree with them, show them that you love them and make them feel very special and important.

This will always work.

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