Why some men fear other males

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of men

In a previous article about why some women fear men i explained how some women feel uncomfortable around men as a result of cultural pressures and many other reasons.

But today i am going to focus on a different angle of the topic of fear of males which is why some men fear other men. It's totally understood that a woman , who might be feeling weak compared to a man, can end up fearing that man. But the important question here is why would a male fear other males even though he belongs to their same kind?

This is the question i am going to answer in this article.

Why some men fear other males

There are many possible reasons that could motivate a male to fear other males but in most cases this fear will happen because this male will regard the other males as a threat. Let's see few cases where this can happen:

  • 1) Fear of bullying: If the male was bullied in the past by other males then he might develop fear of bullying. Even if the bullying event happened years ago the man will still fear males and feel uncomfortable around without always knowing why this is happening to him
  • 2) Fear of fighting: This is one of the most common reasons for the fear of other men. If the man feels that he is not capable of defending himself in a physical fight then he might develop the fear of other males. In such a case that male might not feel comfortable around males who seem physically strong
  • 3) General anxiety: If a male already suffers from anxiety then he might regard many things as threats. In such a case most males might be considered threats because of their tendency to get aggressive.
  • 4) Not feeling manly enough: I spoke many times before about the pressure men get subjected to in order to act masculine. If a man felt that he is not a man enough , according to that pressure, then he might not feel comfortable around other men. See why some men don't feel manly enough
  • 5) Feeling inferior to other men: In many cases a man can feel inferior to other men. This can happen because of the previous reason or because of any other reason such as believing that he is not successful enough compared to those men. In such a case this inferiority will fuel the man's fears as his subconscious mind would want him to avoid interacting with other men not to get his flaws exposed to them

How to feel good around men

As you saw there are many causes for such a fear. The cause behind your fear can even be something that is not mentioned above. To find out exactly how to solve this problem you need to reach that root cause first.

Once you do that the next step will become more obvious. If for example you realized that you are afraid of physical fights then you might want to improve your fighting skills to have more confidence in your abilities.

Note that you aren't doing so in order to get into any kind of fight but you are doing it just to feel comfortable around males including dominant ones.

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