Why some people think they are better than others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people think they are better than others

Some people truly think that they are better than others. Those people don't just think they are good but they think that others are bad, inadequate and even inferior to them. For the first instance you might think that those people are few ones but the truth is that a very large number of people think that way.

In order to understand why many people have that belief you first need to know about one of the most important unconscious goals people have which is the desire to feel superior.

According to individual psychology all humans strive to become superior in way or another. Some people manage to become successful and to achieve that goal in a healthy way while some others take strange and twisted paths in order to prove their superiority.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that the healthy people will usually believe that they are good and adequate but will hardly put others down or think that they are inferior to them. The unhealthy ones however , who failed to achieve superiority in a healthy way, will put others down, become racists and judge others harshly.

The first thing you need to know about the person who thinks that they are better than others is that deep down they are experiencing feelings of inferiority for they never managed to reach some of their important goals. See 5 reasons those who mock and humiliate you are mentally unstable.

The chosen ones

There is also another group of people who start developing such beliefs after they achieve great success in life. As those people keep getting programmed by the ones around them they start to believe that they are superior to others.

Those people might have made an achievement or two and as a result started to believe that they are special. Up to this point there is no problem at all but when others start excessively praising them they might slowly turn into narcissists.

Many of the dictators who rule some countries actually became narcissists as a result of the excessive praise they took from others. But again had those people been psychologically stable from the beginning that praise would have only made them more humble.

Every person who thinks that they are superior to others have a certain wound that they didn't manage to get over. It's this wound that made that person decide to be a narcissist or an arrogant person instead of a humble successful person. See why your world revolves around your childhood wounds

Arrogant people are wounded

When a person gets severely wounded,on an emotional level, they might decide to punish those who damaged them. But because the one's who caused the initial harm might be out of reach of the person that person might unconsciously decide to punish anyone who resembles the ones who hurt them.

People who abuse others, who rape them and molest children can fall among that group. When a person fails to protect themselves from certain people they might decide to harm the whole group in order to feel better.

Of course those wounds don't always have to result in extreme behavior but in many cases traces of those emotional wounds appear in the form of arrogance, narcissism, racism and violence.

In other words most of the people who think that they are better than others actually believe that there is something wrong with them and this is why they become arrogant.

Confident people on the other hand are the ones who believe that they have good traits and qualities yet they never look down upon others.

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