why women keep questioning the love of their men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Men and women express love differently

Does he love me?
I think he doesn't love me anymore
If he still loves me then why is he doing so and so?

This is one of the most popular complains i get from women. Those women develop doubts about the intentions of their men even though there are no clear signs that the man is doing anything wrong.

In most cases the main reason that causes this problem is that the women assume that men think like them where as the way of thinking of men differs completely from women when it comes to displaying emotions.

The first thing you must understand is that every person expresses love in their own way. For you love might be all about expressing emotions verbally, giving more time or always being around.

For the man you are with love might be a totally different thing such as marrying you, getting in a relationship with you or not cheating on you.

The fact that every person expresses love in a different way confuses so many people specifically women who start to assume that their men don't love them when their form of expression of love differs. See also Guidelines for a healthy relationship.

why women keep questioning the love of their men

One of the fatal mistakes a person can do in life and relationships is making an assumption based on a theory then believing that the assumption is right. In such a case the absence of a real clear fact makes it highly possible for a person to make an incorrect conclusion that would shortly turn into a solid belief. See Why do people develop false beliefs.

Here are some of the common complains women make about men that are usually based on incorrect assumptions:

  • 1) He does not give me enough time: Many women assume that their men don't love them if they didn't give them enough time. Many men have to take care of work related issues and other family issues to the extent that they might be stuck sometimes when it comes to time. It's the wrong interpretation in this case that made the woman assume that the man doesn't love her anymore. See also Why is he not giving me enough time
  • 2) He is not romantic: Many women complain when their men don't become romantic. One of the things you must understand about men is that some of them are romantic while some simply are not. For a man who is not romantic expressing love can happen through actions or any other form and this doesn't mean that he doesn't love his woman. See Why some men are not romantic
  • 3) I don't think he loves me: We all have insecurities. When a person is not 100% sure of themselves they start to question the love of the people they care about. In most of the cases where a person questions the love of another person self esteem is to be blamed. If you interpret normal events in a negative way then make wrong conclusions based on those events then you certainly need to work on your self esteem. See How to have confidence in a relationship

See things right

Perception problems can ruin friendships, romantic relationships and your whole life.
If you do not have a crystal clear evidence about something then you are probably forming a negative belief and not a correct conclusion.

Fix your perception, see the world from the right angle and you will realize that many of your problems don't actually exist.

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