About 2knowmyself

About M.Farouk Radwan

I am M.Farouk Radwan, the one behind 2knowmsyelf.com, here are some quick facts about me and the site:

  • I have studied psychology for 16 years and i hold several related degrees
  • I completed my MSc in 2008
  • 2knowmyself Got 100,000,000 Visits so far and gets 1,000,000 monthly hits
  • I appeared on MBC channel many times you can access some of my videos here
  • I was interviewed and my work was covered by several middle eastern TV channels and popular newspapers like OTV, MBC, El Youm TV, Cairo today, International Herald Tribune and el Ahram newspaper and monowa3at TV. You can see some of my TV appearances here

some of my TV appearances:

Shooting an episode about psychology at Media production City

MBC Channel, Talking about stubbornness

Tv Interview , OTV channel

MBC Channel

Telling My Story At Tedx

Alexandria TV Channel

Talking about body language and relationships On Arab Sat

The room i was given at one of the shooting locations to change my clothes

Conference at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, i was the main speaker

My name has became a popular Google search keyword

About 2knowmyself

2knowmyself is not a simple article website nor it’s a place where you will find shallow fixes but it’s a place where you will find effective techniques that are backed by psychology and that are presented in a simple and understandable format. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself

When was 2knowmyself launched

2knowmyself was launched on 2nd of November 2006 and its now getting 100,000 hit/month 138,000 Hit/month 200,000 hit/month 300,000 Hits/month 350,000 Hits/month 400,000 Hits/month 500,000 hits/month

2knowmyself's Vision

2knowmyself’s vision is to become the place where you can get rid of any unwanted emotion that faces you. Just as you hear the expression "Google it" when searching for something, my vision is to let people say the expression "2knowmyself it" when searching for a bad emotion that is bothering them or a feeling that they want to understand.

Why is 2knowmyself Different?

  • Change Is Guaranteed: I challenge anybody to commit to reading the articles then tell me that his life didn’t change to the better. I don't need to tell you about the change you will experience, just read the comments of those who experienced this change themselves
  • Based on psychology: You wont find simple advices in 2knowmyself but instead you will find effective techniques that are based on psychology yet simplified enough to be understood by all
  • Non-Conventional Information: Take a look at the Communication Skills section for example; you won't find much-heard phrases like "be a good listener" or "talk less and listen more" and other simple, obvious and usually theoretical advice. Instead, you will read a great deal about non-conventional techniques that will have a real impact of your life.
  • Practical and Applicable Information: In 2knowmyself you won't find any useless articles telling you that you need to be confident and so on. What does being confident mean? How can someone boost his confidence? That’s the type of information that you will find here.
    We do our best to provide you with direct steps (1, 2, 3...) and not just motivating words that lose their effect in a few days.
  • Saving Your Precious Time: If you have gone through some of the articles, you may have noticed that the information is concentrated and to the point. I do care about your time and that's why i always make sure that you get the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time
  • Honesty: When I call a guide "The Ultimate Guide To Learning" about something; then that's what it really is and not just some marketing hype.(See the ultimate guide to learning body language as an example.)
  • No Duplicate Content: 2knowmyself is not like article directories that contain many repetitive and duplicate articles covering the same topic. In 2knowmyself, every article is unique, covering a totally different point than all other articles.
  • Extreme Integration: how can success be mentioned without mentioning self confidence? And how can self confidence be mentioned without mentioning inferiorities? Personal development is a very wide topic, it extends to include hundreds of subtopics and that’s why a standalone website talking only about success or about self confidence can rarely contain effective information. If you want to learn about something then you should see the full picture, and this is exactly the case in 2knowmyself, each article has got at least five links to different topics that are related to that subject so that you can get the full picture.
  • Simplicity: Even though 2knowmyself contains highly effective techniques that are based on complex psychological principles still the website provides the information in a very simple way that makes it world readable
  • See what visitors say about 2knowmyslef : any person could keep flattering his own website even if it was not up to the standard but when others say the same things about it then This website must be really special, check out what visitors are saying about 2knowmyself