What Do Visitors Say About 2knowmyself

I Am not going to tell you that 2knowmyself is the best personal development website ever nor i am not going to tell you that your life will change after reading a few articles from 2knowmyself, but all what am going to do, is let you read what other visitors wrote about the website

What do Visitors Say About 2knowmyself

"what's great about this site is it's easy to absorb its material and the
presentation is also organized. I am reading its articles for about 6
monthes now and every day I check it up if there is any new article. and
it really helped me alot socially and mentally. I consider it my adviser
and I have to admit, I really feel better after reading an article about
an issue that's irritating m and when I ask a question about anything
truly Farouk doesn't hesitate to answer me.
God bless you, and I wish you keep up this great work "

"This website will become a part of my life !
that is all !"

"In all of the books I’ve read regarding this issue, I’ve never seen anything so powerful. After reading this book, I don’t think I will ever suffer when breaking up again, and not only that, but now I understand most of the reasons for break-ups."
Rim ismail
" This is the best site I have found in all my years of searching.
I gained many tools that helped me deal with negative situations"

Brenda Johnson
”This website is by far the most helpful I have found regarding the topics
it covers. It is explained so clearly. Much thanks to you”!

“I have to give you props for creating such an awesome and intellectual website. It is both interesting and beneficial. The list continues on and on. It is like those books you read that are so interesting you can't put them down.
Thanks again”

nora kandil
"Since the category for this message is "Ask Farouk" Im just gonna ask you
"how can I thank you" Thank you. Seriously, this website is amazing and
I just started reading it last night and I already feel so much better
about so many things in my life. Thank you so much. REALLLLLLLYYYYY. "

”I have just spent about an hour reading the different subjects on your
My goodness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have so much wonderful and helpful information here.
I feel better already.
I have you bookmarked and look forward to visiting again.


"I can actually say its the BEST website around now n forever !!"
Mariam A.G
"Awesome..Keep it up!!"
Mostafa Galal
"simply awsoooooooooooooooome
keep up the good work"

"I wanted to say this website and its content are simply AMAZING!! There is
so much here to help you, guide you, & get you to feel so much better
about yourself. So informative!! Well researched, the articles are real.
Keep up the GREAT work! Keep more of the same coming!!! I look forward to
reading more! Thank You"

"I have read so many articles on Self confidence in the web as well as in books. They were just dealing about how to ACT like a confident person, how to make friends..blah! blah !!. They were about improving your external behavior.
But the articles of Farouk deal about how to strengthen your mind/thoughts so that you can be confident internally as well as to the external world regardless of your successes/failures in your life.
In simple words....First time I am encountering such articles on web which can truly make transformation in an individual's life"

"I'm a young person who regularly visit this website. And whenever I visit
it, I left with great experience. I have found answers to many many
questions I used to ask myself. This website is amazing one. I havent seen
a website like this one. This website nourish the mind and soul. It has the
power to change a life completely.
Good job!"

"Really thnx 4 this wonderfull web site
I can find the solution for any problem right here.
It is really usefull, It changed me 4 a better and stronger person.
God Bless You"

"Hi,I just want to say that this site means alot to me,, I was surprised
when i found answers to all possible questions in my mind,,this site shows
us the truth we are trying to ignore about ourselves.thanks for all the
people who are working to provide this organized and fabulous site..god
bless you all"

Mai Aqel
"I really dont have any words left to describe what a wonderful site this
is. As I go on reading I dont feel like stopping. There is a wealth of
information out there explained in such simple language. I have read many
such articles on other web sites but it is like holding a candle to the
sun. thats how brilliant you are!!! I wish and pray that God helps you
since u r doign a great deed in helping others so much.. l"

"We are all given ability to appreciate things in nature and it does not cost any money.
If someone has done a good work then why not! These things does impact our daily lives.
You have indeed done a marvelous job in your web.
Keep it up."

"First and foremost I would like to thank you for this EXCELLENT
website. I have somehow slowly gained stability on my self just by reading
through the articles. I have learned a lot about myself and how to interact
with people through this informative website. "

"Greetings from Brazil,I ve found your pages great well done in a simple and
compreensive lenguage,please accept my compliments."

"Firstly, I know this is a very long e-mail and you probably have tonnes of
fan mail to go thru. So take your time to read this ya. You've cured me
already with your understanding words
I thank you for your kind words,
I thank you for your wisdom,
but most of all I thank you for saving me from myself. "

"Dear Farouk,
Nice website you've got here. I would just like you to know that I
appreciate all your effort in creating it. I recognize all the hard work
that was needed in order to promote it and make it all possible. Even
though the task of creating such a website with extensive knowledge might
seem like an overwhelming task for some, my guess is that it didn't bother
you because I can see that you enjoyed exhibiting this knowledge as much as
I enjoyed reading it. I believe that negative influences have increased in
Egypt and most of the people seldom believe in self-development, let alone
have interest in it, so it's always great to see someone sacrificing
valuable time to help. I ask Allah to help you further…l"

"I just happened to check out this site by chance recently. I am interested
in psychology and this site happens to be so simple to grasp and learn new
stuff regarding the same! I keep logging in here every now and then. Its
fun to be on this site and whenever I read an article, I get to know
something new that I couldn't have known otherwise.
Love you guys working behind it,
Cheers and keep up the good work!"

"I usually would never make an effort to do something like this. But this
website has been so life-changing for me that I felt compelled to write
this. I grew up in a really religious home, and though religion is good,
it caused me to be overly-optomistic and it caused me to be be ignorant
and I would always give every problem, event, and aspect of my life a
divine reason, and because of this I abandoned religion and blamed it for
my problems. (you should probably write an article on overdoing divine
attributions). From obsessive thoughts and thinking I had some unique
problem with my thoughts to thinking that my problem was related to the
side effects of Accutane (acne medication), I didn't understand my
emotions or my thoughts, or life at all. After reading the articles on
this website I feel absolutely confident that I understand myself, others,
knowledge and life more than ever before and that I ever would have been if
it had not been for this website. It has also helpe me become realistic
and helped me to not be so skeptic when it comes to religion. My appreciation is

"One word. Astonishing."
"This is the greatest website i've ever found , with alot of things to learn.
Just keep it up guys."

"found it by pure accident...glad that i did.
are you a psychologist!if not...you should be"

"this is the best(website)"
"Im so grateful and thankful because
i found this site. this is really should i say one of best sites! thanks
for this it really helps me a lot... I just wish that you continue what
youve started."

"Came across this site in one of the loneliest times of my life and the
articles on how to get over someone truly helped me recover from a very
heartbreaking end to a relationship. I've recommended this to my friends
and I wish more and more people would know about this. Farouk, thanks for
writing these helpful articles. They changed my coping mechanisms so

"im writing this message, just to thank u on each and every valuable line u have written, this website did have a great effect over my life, and i really appreciate u, and im very proud to be a 2knowmyself reader,
thanks and God bless you"

"I just happened to read some of the articles yesterday and those are really
great. This really helped me know a lot about myself and how to improve
them. Thank you and hope to read more inspiring and motivating articles

"the content on this site is awesome and is really helpful...thanks a lot"
Kapil bavads
"really help people in their livesDear Farouk:
Let me thank you first for the book and tell you that my acquaintance with your website was one of the best coincidence in my life! I mean it…"

Bahareh Heidari
"Thank you for the books. I knew I made the right choice when I decided to buy all of your books! I haven't finished reading them all, obviously, although I skimmed through all of them, and it's obvious that they've got some really powerful information there. Now I totally understand why your product pages mention that your books are not like any other books out there. That's because they are really unique indeed. I just keep wondering how you got so much powerful knowledge though! I've never seen anything like this before :D"
"The Ultimate Source for Self Understanding and Personal Development, Not just a slogan"

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